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Motorola Android Oreo 8.0 Update

Here's the list of all Moto phones getting Android Oreo update!

If you’re wondering when your Motorola phone will be getting the much awaited Android 8.0 Oreo update, we’ve the answer for that. In this page, we have compiled all the devices from them which will be getting Moto Android Oreo Update. And the time frame they’ll be getting the update.

After much wait, Moto now owned by Lenovo is updating their devices with the newest version of Android, Android O 8.0. Here in this page is the list of all moto phones that will get Android Oreo 8.0 update.

Moto Android Oreo Update

Moto Z Android Oreo Updatemoto z android 8.0 update

Moto Z is one of the most costly phones in Moto’s portfolio. It is a flagship level phone (previous year’s though :p) which comes with some extra fittings (Ahem, Moto mods).

 Estimated date: Now available  


Moto Z2 Play Android Oreo Update

Moto z2 Play Android Oreo Update

Moto Z2 Play is the successor to the last year’s Moto Z Play. Which in turn was a toned down version of Moto Z. Now, it’s still a higher midrange phone, and Moto is updating this one with the latest version of Android along with their top tier models.

 Estimated date: Now available  


Moto Z Play Android Oreo Update

moto z play android 8 update

Moto Z Play is the precursor to the newer Z2 Play. It was a toned down version of Moto Z, which also supports the Moto mods. They’re updating this phone too along with the rest of the Z line.

 Estimated date: Now available  


Moto G5s Plus & G5 Plus Android Oreo Update

moto g5 plus android Oreo update

Moto’s newest phone in their line of budget G series. G5 Plus is an awesome phone which has a decent camera and a great processor too (the one you can find in the Z Play). They’re updating this too on time.

 Estimated date: April 2018  


Moto G5s & G5 Android Oreo Update

moto g5 android oreo update

Moto G5 is a smaller version of the G5 Plus, which comes with a smaller screen and a lesser power processor. It’s also getting updated along with the G5 Play.

 Estimated date: April 2018  


Moto G4 Plus Android Oreo Update

Moto g4 plus android oreo update

Moto’s budget warrior of the previous year. Moto G4 Plus was a great phone which haven’t aged that much. They’re updating this also on time, along with G5 Plus & G5. Moto recently confirmed Android Oreo update for G4 Plus after the recent backlash it got for not updating it to Oreo.

 Estimated date: Yet to be announced  


Moto G4 Play Android Oreo Update

Moto g4 play update

Brother to G4 Plus phone. It looks exactly like the G4 Plus, but without the fingerprint reader. It also comes with a lower powered processor. It shared everything else with G5 Plus. It’s also getting OTA updates alongside the G4 Plus.

 Estimated date: Yet to be announced  


Moto G4 Android Oreo Update

moto g4 android o update

Like what Moto G5 is to G5 Plus, G4 is to G4 Plus. It will also be updated in time along with other phones in the G4 series.

 Estimated date: Yet to be announced  


Moto M Android Oreo Update

Moto M

Moto M is a good phone which didn’t get as much as fanfare like the G series. The reason being it is powered by a Mediatek P10 processor. But it does come with 4GB of RAM & 64GB internal. We expect the Android Oreo update for this to come early, but we’ve doubts as this is a Mediatek processor. Anyways, we’ll update the dates of the updates when it’s released.

 Won’t be updated 


Moto E4 Plus Android Oreo Update

Moto e4 plus

Moto E4 Plus is Moto’s latest phone in budget segment. It comes with a Mediatek 6737M chipset along with 3GB RAM. It is the only phone in Moto’s portfolio which comes with a huge 5000mAh battery. Now, as the device comes with a Mediatek chipset, which is known for lagging the updates from chipset manufacturer side, we’re expecting it’s update to come a little late compared to other models.

 Won’t be updated 


Moto E4 Android Oreo Update

Moto E4

Moto E4 is also like a trimmed down version of E4 Plus. It comes with a Mediatek 6737M chipset paired with 2GB of RAM. As we talked about the update in the case of E4 Plus, this one is also going to be late compared to other phones From Moto.

 Won’t be updated  


Moto E3 Power Android Oreo Update

Moto e3 power

Last year’s Moto phone in English series, which comes with a Mediatek 6735p chipset. This also falls for the Mediatek update dilemma. Don’t expect the update to come soon as other phones.

 Won’t be updated  


Moto C Plus Android Oreo Update

Moto C Plus

Moto C Plus is one of the cheapest phones in Motorola portfolio. It comes with a Mediatek 6737 chipset and 2GB of RAM. It’s update will also be slower compared to G series phones.

 Won’t be updated  


Moto C Android Oreo Update

Moto C

Moto C is a smaller version to the C Plus. It’s cheaper than C Plus and smaller. It comes with a Mediatek 6580 chipset, paired with 1GB of RAM. Update timelines haven’t been announced, we expect it to come with other phones with Mediatek chipset on their lineup.

 Won’t be updated  


List of all Motorola phones to get Android Oreo 8.0 Update

Below given is the list of all phones from Motorola that will be getting the latest Android 8.0 update.

UPDATE: List Updated.
Motorola Phone ListStatus of UpdateDate
Moto Z2 PlayConfirmedNow available
Moto ZConfirmedNow available
Moto Z PlayConfirmedNow available
Moto X ForceWill not be updatedN/A
Moto X PlayWill not be updatedN/A
Moto X StyleWill not be updatedN/A
Moto G5s PlusConfirmedApril 2018
Moto G5sConfirmedApril 2018
Moto G5 PlusConfirmedApril 2018
Moto G5ConfirmedApril 2018
Moto G4 PlusConfirmedTo be Announced
Moto G4Will not be updatedN/A
Moto G4 PlayWill not be updatedN/A
Moto G3 TurboWill not be updatedN/A
Moto G3Will not be updatedN/A
Moto E4 PlusWill not be updatedN/A
Moto E4Will not be updatedN/A
Moto E3 PowerWill not be updatedN/A
Moto Moto C PlusWill not be updatedN/A
Moto Moto CWill not be updatedN/A
Moto MWill not be updatedN/A
Moto X 2nd GenWill not be updatedN/A
Moto G 2nd GenWill not be updatedN/A


Moto Android Oreo Update

We’ve added all the available details and release dates for the devices that are available right now. We’ll add more details about it as soon as Moto reveals the details about Moto Android Oreo Update. Do check this page often if you want to get updated with the updates about Moto’s device update timeline. Also click on the red bell button to be subscribe to our notifications.

Motorola Android Oreo 8.0 Update
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  1. sagarika says

    I m waiting for Moto M4 lets see when it comes

  2. R. Meinz says

    Moto g series not getting update to 8.0.

    1. Abhijith Suresh says

      Moto G4 Plus, G5s Plus, G5s, G5 & G5 Plus is getting the update.

      1. Syed Aziz says

        What’s the time frame to get Oreo update on Moto G5 Plus?

        1. Hafeez says

          Please read the blog before commenting!!.

      2. Misty says

        Will Moto e4 be getting the Oreo update?

        1. GR Staff says

          No it won’t be getting an Oreo update.

      3. Karthi says

        How to upgrade ? PLEASE TELL ME

      4. Raghu says

        Moto G4 plus received Dec 2017 security patch on 04 Jan 2018.

      5. praveen jha says

        Moto g5 plus will get oreo update in 2019 …

      6. Alex says

        Brother it’s January end….can u pls tell me best guess for Moto g5s plus

      7. Yash Jain says

        But when..?

      8. Bhupendra singh says

        Bhai kis country me mila h g5 series ko update ye to bta

  3. Jishnu Banerjee says

    When I can take the Oreo update in Moto e4 plus

    1. Abhijith Suresh says

      Moto E4 Plus won’t be getting an update, list is updated.

      1. p.chandra sekar says

        Moto E4 plus do not getting updated

  4. Arvind says

    When i can take the oreo update in moto z

    1. Abhijith Suresh says

      It’s not released yet, you’ll get a notification of a new update when it’s available.

      1. Abhi says

        When will Moto g4plus will get O

        1. GR Staff says

          They confirmed G4 Plus will get, probably on June/July.

  5. Abhi says

    Moto m has mediatek p15 processor

  6. prasant says

    Moto m ko 8.0 milna chahiye yr

    1. Ranjeet Rai says

      You are right brother

  7. Janmajay says

    when i got 8.0 update on my mobile Moto Z Play.

  8. Rahul says

    Will Moto x play be updated to oreo???

  9. Mike says

    No android oreo for E4 Plus, poor company, this device is nearly new, i will buy again Samsung, they know how can respect customers.

    1. Emiliano says

      Yo apenas compre el Moto e4 plus pensando que se actualizaría mejor hubiera comprado un Nokia

  10. shivaji singh says

    why injustice with moto e3 power
    atleast nougat man

  11. Rahul Malhotra says

    When will I get oreo update on Moto X play?

  12. keshava nr says

    Is it confirmed that moto x play will receive oero update. As it has crossed 2 years.

  13. keshava nr says

    Is it confirmed that moto x play will get oero update.

  14. keshava nr says

    Is it confirmed that x play will get oreo update

  15. Nisarg says

    When i got update in moto g5s plus??????

  16. Sushruth says

    Will Moto X play get android 8.0??

  17. Sanjit says

    Nice work Abhijith Suresh

  18. pranesh says

    Please give Oreo 8.0 for Moto c+ please !please!!!????

    1. GR Staff says

      No, Moto C series won’t receive an Oreo update.

  19. Raghu says

    Moto G4 plus XT 1643 received update of December 2017 on 4.1.18 in India.

  20. jorge felix says

    Good afternoon, I have a motorola g play 4. this range will receive 8.0 oreo android update?

  21. Anil Joshi says

    Very disappointed to see the slower pace of updating the OS by Moto after being taken over by Lenovo. Moto was earlier known for the quick roll out of updated versions. That is a history now unfortunately..Sad..

  22. Dhanraj says

    It’s february end and my phone is moto g5s When i will get a oreo update?

  23. Neel says

    It is March 05, 2018 still no Oreo update for Moto G5 plus…….. Very poor company

  24. Rahul says

    What a shame … They announced before buying that Moto G4 Plus will be updated to Oreo and they forgot their promise … when buyers reminded they agreed to provide but no timeline ???? are they going to provide in 2050 when no one needs it ???? I think it’s time to move on from Moto … Even MI is getting much better but Moto once a good brand for providing quick and pure Android is struggling and destructing their own reputation due to such acts …. Android P is already set to release soon … but we are struggling to get Android O update itself which has already released about year ago … 🙁

  25. Firoz says

    What’s moto g5s plus Oreo update… 😒

  26. Bhupendra singh says

    Are ye ky KR rhe tum log April bhi khatam ho gya kb ka aur may bhi start ho gya h kb Doge Bhai motog5splus series ko Oreo ka update .
    Bta do ye oero milega bhi ki nhi faltu ke promises Mt Kiya kro .nhi Dena h to mt do kyu hume dream dikha the ho Oreo update ke.

  27. Ashok says

    Moto g4 plus update time

  28. Jignesh Panchal says

    Why is x play not getting update?

  29. Avinash Raj says

    Can Motorola C plus will be updated to Oreo version or it will not update in Oreo version in future.plz reply this Question then I will be confirmed about this phone.

    1. Abhijith Suresh says

      No. Moto C Plus will not be updated to Oreo.

  30. Akramul Ansary says

    Moto e4 plus will get oreo update or not

    1. Abhijith Suresh says

      It will not be updated to Oreo.

  31. Yogesh says

    I want Oreo 8.0 on Motorola x play as soon as possible

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