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How to Save Snapchat Snaps – Images Videos Stories – SnapSave

Snapchat is not your everyday social network. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you only have a few seconds to view a Snapchat photo, video or story. The self deletion feature of Snapchat deletes the pics, videos or story within seconds after you’ve viewed. You might be wondering how to save Snapchat pictures, videos & stories and view them later even after it is deleted. Well, in this post, we’re going to talk about just that. We’ll show you how to save Snapchat snaps, pics, videos or stories even after they disappear.

How to Save Snapchat

There are different methods to save snapchat snaps. Some are easy methods, some are a little difficult. There are also some few snapchat saver apps which can save Snapchat snaps easily. We’ll show you that too in this post. Read on.

Method 1 : Save Snapchat Photos with Screenshot

This is the easiest method of saving Snapchat photos. Using this method you can easily save Snapchat pics as a screenshot. To take a screenshot on your phone follow these steps (in case you already know how to take a screenshot, just skip to next step).

How to take a screenshot in an Android phone

  1. Open the snap or picture you want to save.
  2. Press “Volume down” & “Power button” simultaneously.
  3. The Snap will be saved in to your gallery (in screenshots folder). Also a notification will be showed up on successful screenshot.

How to take a screenshot in an iPhone

  1. Open the Snapchat snap or pic you want to save.
  2. Press and hold “Sleep/Wake” button. Now press the “Home” button.
  3. You’ll hear a shutter sound, which means the screenshot is saved on to your camera roll automatically.

There is a big disadvantage to this method though, which is that the sender will know that you’ve taken a screenshot of their snaps. A message will appear on your sender’s phone that you’ve taken screenshot.

Also kindly note that you’ve to be quick with your hands to take screenshots of snaps before they expire. And this method is only for saving Snapchat pictures, not videos.

Method 2 : Save Snapchat snaps with screenshot on Flight mode.

This one is a little trickier than that the previous method. It involves the steps we talked about in the previous one, with some additional ones. This method is also about saving Snapchat images only.

I’ll be talking about doing this in an Android but the method is pretty same for an iPhone too.

Similar to the previous method, you must be ready to save the Snap/Image. You must be ready before you open the snap. Other wise, you won’t be having enough time to do this method. You know that there’s no way to preview the snap, so you’ll have to assume that this snap is going to be one that you have to save.

  1. When ready, open inbox in Snapchat. Swipe down on your Android phone and turn on the “Airplane mode” or “Flight mode”, you’ll see the airplane icon, click it. Now the WiFi, mobile data & every network connection will be cut off in your device. save snapchat screenshotIn iPhone, open your control center by swiping up, and you’ll find the airplane icon. Click on that to enable Flight mode.
  2. Now open the snap you want to save, and take the screenshot. You can check the method above to find how to take screenshots in Android & iOS.
  3. Now that you’ve taken the screenshot of the snap you wanted to save, log out of Snapchat app in your iPhone or Android.
  4. To log out of your account, go to the home screen and click on the ghost icon. On the next screen, click on the settings icon as shown in below pic. Now on the next screen, scroll down and you’ll find the log out option. In iPhone too, its similar to what I did in to save snapchat
  5. Remove Snapchat from the recent used app list from your phone. In Android, you’ve to click on the recents button and you’ve to slide away Snapchat. In iPhone, double click the home button to find the recents button and swipe it away.
  6. Now turn off the Flight mode and you can login again to Snapchat.

With this method, your friends will not know that you’ve saved their Snapchat picture using screenshot.

Method 3 : By connecting your iPhone to Mac

You can save Snapchat photos and videos easily if you’re having a Mac also with your iPhone. This is a simple method, what you’ve to do basically is to record the screen of your iPhone using your Mac. You’ll have the Snapchat videos and photos as a video file in your Mac.

One thing to note is that you’ve to make sure that the snap you’re about to save is not yet opened.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  2. Now open QuickTime player on Mac. On the QuickTime player, click on File, you’ll see the option for “New Movies Recording” click on that.
  3. This will be opening your Mac’s camera, we don’t need that. We want the iPhone’s screen to be recorded instead. For this, you’ve to change the source.
  4. To do that, tap on the down icon right next to the record button on QuickTime. You’ll see your iPhone in there in the camera select that. You’ll also see your iPhone in the microphone section, select that too.
  5. Now you’ll see your iPhone screen on your QuickTime player. Your iPhone screen will be mirrored to your QuickTime player in Mac.
  6. Now open snapchat on your iPhone. Go to your inbox.
  7. Now click the record button on QuickTime player in your max. It’ll start the recording of your iPhone screen.
  8. Next open the snaps you want to save. All the Snapchat photos & videos you open will be recorded as a video in your computer.
  9. After you’re done with all your snaps, click the recording button on QuickTime player to stop the recording.
  10. Save the file using File > Save.

That’s all, now you’ve a copy of the Snapchat snaps you wanted to save or record. Oh by the way, the sender will never know you did this.

You can also do one more step to make this better. That is to cut the video you recorded into smaller pieces to fit in just Snapchat videos or photos you needed. You can use any video editing video editing software to do that.

Method 4 : Screen Recording on Android

In Android, you don’t need a Mac or PC to record the screen. The method of saving the Snapchat videos, images, snaps etc are similar to the method we mentioned above, just that you’ll not need a Mac or PC,we directly record the screen on your Android phone.

There are some apps for Android that can help you record your Android screen and also saving Snapchat images and videos.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder is the easiest app to record Android screen. It’s kind of a no nonsense app which just works right out of the box. All you have to do is to hit the record button and screen recording will start.

After the recording starts, you can just switch back to Snapchat and open the snaps, images & videos. The screen will be recorded and will be saved on your gallery. You view the saved Snapchat images & videos in gallery.

Google Play Games

Yes you read it right, Google play games! The default Google app contains a video recording option built in. You can use this to record anything on your Android, not necessarily games. Follow these steps

  1. Open Google Play games on your Android phone, and click on record gameplay on any game shown in the app home page. The recording will start with a pop up asking for resolution and some disclaimer.
  2. Select the resolution (720p or 480p) and click next. And then click on Launch. The game you selected will also be to save snapchat videos
  3. You’ll see a bubble in the bottom left on your screen. On this screen, you’ll see the start button.
  4. Now open Snapchat and go to inbox.
  5. You can start the recording now by pressing on the Start button near the front cam display pop up.
  6. Now open the snaps one by one you want to save.
  7. After opening all of them, you can go on to stop recording using the stop button.
  8. You’ll get a notification that the video has been saved to your device.
  9. You can find the recorded video with your snapchat saves on your gallery.

Method 5 : Record Android Screen using PC

If the above method failed, you can try this one. But method to save Snapchat is a bit complex compared to all other methods in this guide. It’s like Method 3, you’ve to record the Android device’s screen using your computer. Just that the method to record the screen on PC is different and complex.

The method is too complex to be explain here, you can visit this link to finding out how to do that :

  1. Like method 3, you’ve to ready with the recording first.
  2. After you’re ready, you’ve to open the Snapchat inbox.
  3. Now start recording of your Android phone’s screen.
  4. Open the Snapchat videos, images & snaps that you want to save.
  5. After you’ve opened all, just stop the recording.

You can also trim the video using basic video editing softwares available freely.

Method 6 : Save Snapchat Images, Videos using Apps

We’ve already discussed this in another post in this website. Take a look at it first : Apps to save Snapchat images & videos.

Basically, what you’re doing with these is that you’re using some special apps in Android & iPhone to save Snapchat snaps. Here’s the list of all Snapchat saver apps that are available now for Android & iOS.


SnapSave is more of a replacement for your Snapchat rather than just saving pictures and videos. SnapSave is removed from Play Store now, but you can try out SnapSave APK download from below.

Download for iOS

Download APK for Android (App is reportedly down for Android users now, check the link once to confirm if you’re able to download SnapSave for Android)

Snapchat Saver

Snapchat Saver is an app which allows you to save both pictures and video snaps. It is available only for Android.

Download APK for Android 


Once you have logged into the SnapBox with your Snapchat ID and password, every snap you receive and all those you share are saved automatically on your phones. It is also available only for iPhone.

Download for iOS


SaveMySnaps is an Android app which allows you to view snaps and also download them. It is only available in Android devices, that too as APK download as it has been removed from Play Store.

Download APK for Android


Casper is an alternative to SaveMySnaps, it has all the features of that and lets you do much more than what is there on the list of all the apps stated above. It is also available only on Android as Casper APK download.

Download APK for Android


SnapCrack allows you to share pictures from your album and also download and save Snapchat snaps. The app, however, is available only for the iOS users!

Download for iOS

Conclusion – How to Save Snapchat Videos, Images & Snaps

So that’s it guys, that’s all the methods that are available to save Snapchat snaps, images, videos & stories. I hope you found the answer to your question, “How to Save Snapchat?”. If these methods did work for you, comment down so that our other users will also know that this helped!

How to Save Snapchat Snaps – Images Videos Stories – SnapSave
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