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Will Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) be Released in India?

Will Redmi Note 2 & Note 2 Prime be Released in India? This is a question that I saw no one else asking in the webosphere after today’s release of the Redmi Note 2. Many have been speculating about the price of the device. But I have to ask Xiaomi officials that will this device be released in India? Why this question is being raised by me? Read on.

Xiaomi has gone under a lot of scrutinies at the end of last year with the licensing and copyright violation issues it had then. Their sales were completely banned in India for a short period of time. In case you forgot, Ericsson filed a copyright infringement on Xiaomi on Standard Essential Patents (SEP), that Xiaomi violated its 8 patents to AMR, EDGE and 3G. As a result of that, the company was banned from importing, selling and marketing its products in India.

As a user of Xiaomi, I was also worried at that time about the future of the company, also about its service and after sale support. But fortunately, the ban on Xiaomi was partially lifted with one condition. Which is, Xiaomi cannot sell devices with MediaTek SoC in India, but they can continue with other devices. Following that order, Xiaomi resumed the sales of all other devices other than Redmi Note. Redmi Note used MediaTek MT6592 SoC, and it was discontinued in India. Xiaomi had to send back 100K Redmi Note devices.

Now this is the point where all those things become a bit confusing, Will the new Redmi Note 2 be launched in India. The ban still holds for Xiaomi on MediaTek devices. And the Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) is using MediaTek Helio X10 SoC on both models. So, that means Xiaomi can’t sell Redmi Note 2 in India right?

I’m pretty sure it is the scenario, Xiaomi will not launch Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) in India, atleast with the model announced now (with Helio X10 SoC). But there’s still hope, Xiaomi can launch the device with a Qualcomm SoC, possible the Snapdragon 615 currently in its own Mi 4i. But if they choose to do that, it will be a bad choice right now. Because they already have a device with the same SoC on the market at the same price point. More over, the Snapdragon 615 doesn’t hold up to MediaTek Helio X10 in terms on raw power. Helio X10 is a flagship level SoC which is fighting the Snapdragon 810, literally! (look at HTC One M9+). So that would surely be a dissappointment for Indian Mi fans.

The other option is to make their stand clear on the Delhi high court and convince the court to allow them to sell this device. Well, I’m quite surprised why they didn’t think of their upcoming devices when the ban was made on MediaTek devices. They could have pleaded at that time for making the ban for only over the SoC in Redmi Note (MediaTek MT6592). They didn’t do that, that means the ban on still on for MediaTek devices and Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 will not come to India.

I had a talk with one of the MIUI forums official admins, he said that this device is not coming to India and he’s getting one for himself imported from China. That itself kind of confirms that Redmi Note 2 will not be coming to India, with Helio X10 SoC.

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s discuss, comment below!

Will Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 (& Prime) be Released in India?
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  1. Neelesh says

    I am from Pune and waiting for Redmi Note 2 Prime.

    Any chance will it be available soon else needs to check with other available option.

    Can you plz suggest available mobiles with same configuration.

    1. Abhijith says

      We don’t have an idea about that Neelesh. 🙁

      1. Ram says

        what is release date mi note 2 prime

      2. Mohan says

        Hi, i was tracking this phone for a buy. now it looks it is otherwise. what are the formalities of importing this phone from china directly by me ?

        1. Max says

          You can buy from everbuying website, it offers free shipping in india!! but price may vary

    2. Ishan says

      Even i have been waiting for note 2 prime .

      If there are less chances of that phone releasing in India , people I suggest you that you should go for Asus zenfone 2 laser as the phone is avaikabke in the budget of 10k as same as that of Note 2 prime !

  2. Venky says

    Will Xiaomi release Note 2 Prime in India or not?

    1. Abhijith says

      It won’t be released soon. At least with MediaTek Helio X10 processor.

      1. Venky says

        can we expect the date or month?

        1. Abhijith says

          Nope. We don’t have a date estimate now.

          1. sanjay says

            its expected to be on Nov 30

  3. Naresh bajaj says

    When will Redmi Note 2 release in India?

    1. Abhijith says

      It won’t be released soon. They might release the phone though, with a Snapdragon processor.

  4. nagaraju says

    if i import it from china is it worth?

    1. Abhijith says

      You might have to pay almost double price for the phone, including customs duty.

  5. vikash ray says

    when the redme note 2 prime coming in india

    1. Abhijith says

      Sorry Vikash, we don’t have an exact date on the India launch.

  6. Krishna says

    So can we take k3 note instead of this ..

    1. Abhijith says

      Don’t buy K3 Note, instead go for Yureka Plus or Lenovo A7000. If you can’t wait for Redmi Note 2 though 😛

      1. Abhishek says

        Explain why not to go with K3 Note?

        1. Abhijith says

          Software issues and the fact that Lenovo K3 Note is having highest SAR rating in India of 1.590W/Kg.

          1. Abhishek says

            Bro, what is SAR rating

          2. Abhijith says
  7. Sujit mondal says

    hi this is sujit for west bengal ( siliguri ). i want to know that is it MediaTek Helio X10 processor more powerful then Snapdragon processor ? and can u tell me what is the meaning of 13 mp Samsung sensor 30 fps burst mode technology which is use in this phone. and what is ppi (pixel per inch )

    1. Abhijith says

      MediaTek Helio X10 is MediaTek’s current SoC flagship. It is better than many of the Snapdragon processors including SD 801 and immensely powerful than SD615 (which is found in Yureka, Mi4i, etc), when comparing on the basis of true power.
      And 30 fps burst mode means that the burst mode in the phone can capture 30 images in a second.

  8. Harsh sangram says

    Sir i want to purchase Redmi note 2 prime.
    when it is going to be launch in India ?
    Please any confirm Date and month of launch.

    1. Abhijith says

      We don’t have an exact time or date for the Redmi Note 2 Prime. Also, they could release the phone with a different processor if MediaTek SoC can’t be used in India.

  9. raushan raj says

    Please notify me when it will come? Is there any fixed date of launching?

    1. Abhijith says

      Sorry Raushan, we don’t have a fixed date on the release of Redmi Note 2 Prime.

      1. RAUSHAN says

        Sir, When will Redmi Note 2 release in India?

        1. Abhijith says

          There is no time estimate for the Redmi 2 launch unfortunately. 🙁

  10. Thanikachalam says

    Sir, can i wait for redmi note2 prime or not. If not which will be better to purchase i.e k3 note or yureka plus

    1. Abhijith says

      Yureka Plus is a good deal. 🙂
      Better avoid K3 Note though.

      1. dipesh says

        sir what is the problem with k3 note?

  11. sradha says

    Approximately which month it willl be available in India? Can I hope that it will be available around the end of september or october? Please Inform me.

    1. Abhijith says

      There are no time estimates available for it’s launch in India. Even the official news from Xiaomi has confirmed that it won’t be launched soon. Better look for alternatives if you’re in a hurry.

      1. sradha says

        Ya I’m in hurry but want to buy this phone, but one thing Redmi note 4g is out of stock in all online sites. its my second option, but now its not available.

        1. Abhijith says

          You can also look out for Yureka Plus, Lenovo A7000 or Meizu M2 Note as alternatives.

          1. sradha says

            I don’t want to buy such phone..will dis ph available in India or not?? If it will nt release in India then when Redmi 4g note available in online sites again?? Is mi 4i better option??

          2. SURBHI says


        2. Fida Hussain says

          Hi you can still buy Redmi Note 4G from infibeam
          And in a very good price @7999 or you can buy Redmi Note 2 Prime directly from China they have free shipping to India everbuying.

      2. Omkar Shikhare says

        Im Omkar . But exactly how much month we will wait for xiaomi redmi note2 prime ….??

        1. Abhijith says

          We don’t have a particular deadline with us now Omkar..

  12. Prudvi Raj says

    Hiii can any one tell me the best phone with the same specifications of redmi note 2 prime

    1. Abhijith says

      You won’t find a phone with same specifications as Redmi Note 2 in the budget range, the processor is even more powerful than Xiaomi’s own Mi4i. Also note that Redmi Note 2 is using the same processor as the one in HTC One M9+ (their flagship).

  13. DIL says

    Please suggest me a smartphone under 10k, other than Redmi Note 2.

    1. Abhijith says

      Yureka Plus, Redmi 2 Prime or Lenovo A7000. These are the best under 10K.

  14. Adarsh says

    Please help me bro. How can i get redmi note 2 prime? What may be the approximate price if I import it from china?

  15. Supriyo Saha says

    I want to buy k3 note as the releasing date of note 2 prime is delayed. But you suggested yureka plus or lenovo A7000, is there any fault in k3 note?

    1. Abhijith says

      Lenovo K3 Note is very good in spec sheet, but real life usage is not at all good. It’s having issues with software and more over the SAR value of the phone is the highest in India at 1.590W/Kg, where as the limit for SAR in India is 1.6W/Kg.

  16. Deepak says

    Hyy abhijit
    If i buy redmi note 2 from chaina it works properly in India.
    I mean to say the 4g band of india support this? And the price??

  17. senthil says

    Can we take meizu m 2 note instead this.?

    1. Abhijith says

      If you can’t wait till Redmi Note 2 release, you can go for Meizu M2 Note or Yureka Plus.

  18. senthil says

    Hi friend which one is best phone under 10k. Meizu m2 note or k3 note or yureka plus

    1. Abhijith says

      Meizu M2 Note and Yureka Plus are the better options of the trio.

  19. rahul says

    hey i want to know which the best phone in 10000 rupees in including xiaomi redmi note 2 prime …

    1. Abhijith says

      We can’t include Redmi Note 2 to that list, because it’s not released yet.
      The next best phones would be Yureka Plus, Lenovo A7000 & Meizu M2 Note (although I’m not so sure about the after sales support from Meizu).

  20. Deepak says


  21. Raushan Kumar Pandey says

    sir when launched xiaomi redmi note 2 in India sir
    reply me sir

  22. Abhishek says

    Can you suggest me a good brand phone with the specs of xiaomi note 2 prime in thi budget ? But it should have a 5in screen as I think 5.5in screen size is too big..

  23. Arindam says

    I am planing to buy a new smartphone under 15k so please suggest me which phone I should buy I have shortlisted 3 phones 1st Asus zenfone 2 , mi4i 32gb variant and yu yureka plus please suggested me I was waiting for redmi note 2 prime to be launched but as you said mi is not planning to launch it anytime soon so just let me know which is best in 3 of them.

  24. Arindam says

    I am planning to buy a new phone under 15k and I have shortlisted 3 phones Asus zenfone 2 mi4i and yureka plus so just suggest me which one I should buy n one of my friend suggested me not to buy Asus zenfone 2 he used it n he is not happy with it so what’s your opinion on it which one I should buy as redmi note 2 is not going to launch in India.

  25. gaurav says

    I think redmi note 2 and prime are best in price range. Can they come to india if xiaomi give patient money to sony ????? and i want to tell i used Lenovo k3, A7000 and meizu m2 note but im not satisfied with all three.

  26. Nilesh says

    Some sites say that redmi note 2 prime has an ext sdcard for only the Chinese version n not the Indian version. What is the truth?
    Secondly how does the camera seem in low light conditions? What about the screen protection.
    Any other similar options for low light evening photography.

  27. ajay kumar says

    did u expect release red mi note2 prime in india?

  28. Rahul says

    Which is better among galaxy A8 and xperia c5 ultra dual ? Which smartphone i had to buy?

  29. alok says

    If i will buy redmi note 2 or redmi note 2 prime from china its good or bad you sugggest me what is better. i am fan of mi so i want to purchase redmi note 2 or redmi note 2 prime

  30. Avijit says

    Is that Yureka plus a good choice under 10k?.but i heard that yureka plus have heating’s that true?

    1. Abhijith says

      Yureka did have some heating problems, although I’m not sure about Yureka Plus.

  31. Sahil says

    Why MEDIA TEK HELIO X10 Processor Is Banned In INDIA??

    1. Abhijith says

      Helio X10 is not banned, but just that Xiaomi can’t release MediaTek processor powered devices in India.

  32. charan says

    hi Frnd is meizu m1 note better than k3 note or can you please tell me the availability date of redmi note 2prime in india i can also wait for it up to november

    1. nikhil says

      note 2 prime device is best but I think lots of people wants to in this phone external memory so provide external memory in xiaomi

  33. Deepten says

    Hii abhijit..i want to buy intex aqua trend.Is it good ?
    Plz suggest any best 4G mobile under 10k

  34. VIKASH says


    1. Abhijith says

      Well, Asus Zenfone 2 Laser is a good choice. But in my personal opinion, don’t go for Asus phones based on looks and specs. The build quality is not upto the mark as three of my friends are suffering now for buying Zenfone 5 (suggested by me though).

  35. Deepten says

    Please suggest me good 4G enabled mobile on 10 k.
    And intex aqua trend is good or bad ?

  36. sreelal.k says

    Is external memmory is available for redmi note prime 2…?

  37. Gaurang says

    I want i good and durable smart phone under 10k…dont want too much specification but should be around 5 inch display and also a good life and quality…samsung grand 4g good or not

  38. sandeep says

    hello sir,
    when will xiaomi launch redmi note 2 prime in india

    1. Abhijith says

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific timeline for that Sandeep.

  39. Omkar Shikhare says

    Can u suggest mi how’s the moto g 3rd genration???

    1. Abhijith says

      It’s good, but not the best. There are better smartphones in that price range.
      But you can definitely go for Moto G3, you won’t be disappointed!

  40. swapnil says

    Hi abhijit,
    I want to buy phone up to rs.15k.
    Which will be the better option ??
    Samsung Galaxy J7, yu yureka plus, zen phone 2,Meizu M2 ??
    Is the Meizu a trustable brand..??

    Plz do reply.

    Thanks I’m advance.

  41. kiran says

    19th sept is the given date in india for redmi note 2 prime will it be surely get realesed?

    1. Imran khan says

      No no note 2 prime realase date nov 30.

  42. Pruthvesh says

    Hi want konw about launching date of redmi note 2 prime ….. Because some of the news websites says that the note 2 prime will be launch in next week with meditek…. It is true ??

  43. Pruthvesh says

    If mediatek processors are banned in india then how htc (one m9+) can sale their mobiles in india ?

    1. Abhijith says

      It’s not that MediaTek processors or Helio X10 is banned in India, but Supreme court doesn’t permit Xiaomi to sell smartphones with MeidaTek processors.

  44. siju says

    Hi Abhijith
    I Want to buy Xiaomi redmi 0note2 Prime from China, my doubts about in this product guarantee is about the guarantee.

  45. Acchu says

    I would love to buy to xiaomi redmi note 2 prime but can’t now
    shall I go for honor 4x ?
    or any other else like zenfone 2, k3 note, Moto G Mr. abhijith ?
    your suggestions !

  46. dhaval says

    hii which is better among lenovo k3 note Asus leaser 2 meizu m2 infocous m530? which phone I had to buy?

  47. Abhishek says

    Which is the best phones in specs and performance under 10k..??
    Pls help..
    Thanks in advance..

  48. showvick says

    Xiaomi redmi note 2 prime release date??????

  49. Tanmoy says

    hello abhijit can you say redmi note 2 prime support wi-fi direct and can support micro sd card or not and an another question why redmi is banded with mediatek processor where as HTC and other company can sell?

  50. Tanmoy says

    please also give the comparizon between redmi note 2 and redmi note 2 prime please notify me when you can get the release date of these.

  51. Sarbjit says

    Hi AbhijithI Want to buy Xiaomi redmi note2 Prime from China, my doubts r about its product guarantee..

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, you won’t get guarantee with imported Xiaomi products in India. 🙁

  52. aman says

    May be it will release on November 30 I am also waiting for redmi note 2 prime.

    1. Abhijith says

      May be with a different processor altogether.

  53. Sourav says

    Plz suggest me a best smart phne under 10k. . .

    1. Abhijith says

      You can go with Yureka Plus, Lenovo A7000 or Meizu M2 Note.

  54. Sukesh Gurve says

    please so the dt .released on mobile redmi note 2 prime for Nagpur Maharashtra India

  55. Sahil says

    At What Extent The Performance Get Affected If Media Tek Is Replaced By Any Other Processor??

  56. Sahil says

    I Am Talking About Redmi Note 2

    1. Arshil says

      when lenovo a 7000 plus released,is it good one

  57. Subho says

    Will redme note 2 be available before November?

  58. Subho says

    Is Meizu M2 is a good handset and when it is going to launch in kolkata?

  59. kuldeep says

    I want to buy meizu m2 note plz give me detail

  60. Vdpete says

    Is the new mi4c a good choice compared to the redmi note 2,and also which is a better performance,yureka plus or the mi4i?plss reply

  61. annupam says

    sir… really i want to buy redmi note 2…but seems its not going to launch in india ….i am searching for other options… i don’t play usually in phone…i need good camera,web surfing.. good battery and also good processor at least for multitasking… recently alcatel has announced its latest one touch flash 2 mobile in asia….. what your view on this phone sir…. pls guide .

  62. Sathish says

    can any one please provide proper and correct information about Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime
    when it will step in India ? I think most of the people want to know at least current updates regarding this mobile. As of now, no site is good to give updates . Mr. Abhijith i hope u only will.. and request to come up with correct release date of this Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime .

  63. Animesh says

    Hi, sir i want to ask u that is buying yureka plus is a good deal..? If yes then plz explain me a bit….coz i’ve read some pretty bad reviews about it

  64. Praveen says

    I am so much worrying delay and ban on MediaTek Helios 10 Processor in Redmi Note 2 Prime.
    After searching in Online, I have 2 options:

    1. Intex Aqua Trend — 9k to 10K – 4G

    2. Meizu M2 Note — 9K – 4G

    Only 1 SIM usable practically or No Expandable Memory of 128GB practically if 2nd SIM utilized

    Glitches in the Software/ Touch pad Interfaces.

    Suggest me which is the best phone

    1. Abhijith says

      M2 Note is a good phone, all things considered. You can also go for Yureka Plus.

      1. Praveen says


        I seen an article in website and website displays that Redmi Note 2 Prime will release phone on 30th Nov 2015 and sold by only Flipkart .

        I read an article that instead of Helios 10 , redmi company installing Snapdragon chip due to Ericsson software pirate issue.

        Is the above info true or false.

        I am waiting for your reply.

  65. srinivas says

    redmi note 2 prime ………battery is good or not ?

  66. chaitanya says

    These is one of your friend , thanks for giving information to every one about their doubts .

    1. Abhijith says

      No that was an old news, much more like speculation.

  67. Thanikachalam says

    Hi mr.abijit, when will asus Pegasus 2 plus x550 to be release in India. If it will be good one for price range below 15000

  68. charan says

    hi abhijith sir i have seen in pricedekho
    website that redmi note 2 will be released in October 21 sir please tell me is it true??

  69. anggu says

    please suggest me a good smartphone with high PPI, fast processor with high hertz, high ram, good screenguard , good resolution and wide screen

  70. Pravin says

    Will redme note 2 be available before November?

  71. Akash Dhikale says

    When will Redmi Note 2 prime release
    in India?

  72. shubham says

    sir is there heating problems in prime note 2?

  73. Harish says

    I am using redmi 1s, it’s a nice phone.
    I want to buy xiaomi note 2 prime.

  74. Malar says

    Dear Sir,
    I want to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime…
    Can You Please tell me about the Launching Information…
    or Launching is possible or not ?
    I am eagerly waiting for this Phone…

  75. Bala Murugan says

    xiaomi redmi note 2 prime release date tell please I will take the phone…..

  76. motilal sahu says

    hi abhijith can you just tell me how can i get redmi note prime from chine and how much will it cost me and i want all things regarding customs duties and procedure to order everything

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, You can buy the phone from various Chinese global online retailers like merimobiles or gearbest (do a research and find out the best deal!), and you’ll probably have to pay shipping charges for the phone (varies from sellers). And most importantly, you might have to pay for customs duty for imported products, that varies from $20-50 I think for a smartphone.

  77. Moreshwar says

    My friend is going to china this month end. If he buys ‘redmi note prime’ phone from china, will it work in india?

  78. Roshan says

    xiaomi redmi note 2 is the best budget mobile and contain almost all sensors and gyroscope, more over its audio is very powerful, you can raise the low bass effects. Good battery backup.

    Ordinary mobile lack these features in india, more over majority are very costly. No other mobile would beat this budget range.

    People will go for this mobile if launched, thats why other mobile companys banned this product in india.

    Like abhijith said ou can buy this product from gearbest. Thats how i bought.

  79. Amita says

    Hello Abhijit,

    Thanks for your prompt answers for everyone on the board here…!
    I Wanted to buy Redmi Note 2 Prime. But, now, I want to compare between ASUS ML 550, Mi4I or as you suggested Yureka Plus.
    Pls guide , which is better of 3 above? Thanks in advance…

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, Mi 4i is better than Yureka Plus, only downside being it will cost you more.

  80. Amita says

    Hello Abhijit,

    Please help me to choose amongst ASUS ML 550, Mi4I, redmi note 4g or Yureka Plus.
    Pls guide , which is better of 4 above, if i dont want to wait for redmi note 2 prime, which will be the first choice in all the probabilities….?

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, Mi 4i is the better of the lot, considering everything. But it’s a bit more expensive that the other three. But Mi 4i has got a great camera duo, awesome screen and good battery life! If you choose Mi 4i for these, you won’t go wrong spending that extra bit of money. 🙂

  81. Muzammil Shaikh says

    hi Abhijith
    plz tell me yureka plus is better or meizu m2 note …..
    because mi note 2 prime is not launched. ..and I can’t wait more …..that’s why…I ask this question. ..
    please reply me….

    1. Abhijith says

      You can go with any of the one you said. Also you can try on Coolpad Note 3, if you care only for specs, and not much about brand 🙂

      1. Nitish sharma says

        Sir is Asus Zenfone 2 laser good phone suggest me very soon please

  82. Abhishek says

    Hi Abhijith,

    Few sites Redmi note 2 prime mobile having some issue with battery and Processor is it true……….and

  83. Omkar shikhare says

    is it true that xiaomi launch redmi note 2prime in india on 19th October

  84. abdulaziz says

    Could I Purchase Xiomi Redmi Note 2 Prime By Importing Chinese model from at (Rs. 209$) they give Free Shipping But What could be the Import Duty and other taxes in India on Importing 209$ Phone (Please help me to know)

  85. Krishna says

    will this phone come in this year I urgently want it and the same phone only pls tell me when it will launch

  86. SIVA says

    Confirm release in india 30 Nov 2015

  87. nick says

    hey sir i m ready to wait for redmi note 2 prime bt if they launch it with snapdragon thn will it b a nice phone thn too nd do really its battery strains fast nd is it greater thn ny other phones under 10000 🙁

  88. Satish says

    I want to only under 7k suggest me meizu m2 is best or not

  89. Akshat says

    I need a phone under 10k . Is Asus Zenfone 2 Laser a good choice.

  90. Ritesh kumar says

    sir which would be the best phone below 10k with mediatek processor?

  91. gaurav kumar says

    i read somewhere that redmi note 2 prime will launch on 30th nov. Is it true?

  92. Danish Furkh says

    Which inequality is best xolo 1X black, lenovo k3 note, lenovo A7000 or xiaomi redmi note 2 prime. Please suggest

  93. Danish Furkh says

    What about Xolo 1X black

  94. gaurav says

    mr abhijit what u say about oneplus one.

  95. Boanerjes Wann says

    i want to buy redmi 2 prime,,is it confirm yet that it will be release in India??

  96. ajay says

    I am waiting Mi Redmi note 2 prime. When will it release?

  97. Akila says

    First of all, thank you for the detailed explanation as to why this product was not released in India. This was the first proper explanation I could find on the internet after a very tiresome search. And thank you for replying to all the queries posted in the comments section.
    I am thinking of purchasing this phone from China, but what I am worried about is, will it work with the Indian 3G bandwidth? As in will a phone from China be compatible in India?
    Thank you!

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, importing from China is a tiresome task and there will be burden on customs duty, added to the price of the phone.
      And by the way, didn’t you hear about a new version of this Redmi Note 2 on the works specifically for India, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Pro? It will be coming with Snapdragon 808 (as per the leaks). Why don’t you wait for that then! 😀

  98. sipra Melo says

    Can you tell me which phone I should buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, Mi 4i or xolo black1x

  99. Jadav says

    I read one website xiaomi redmi note 2 release in this 30 November. this is right????

  100. Neha says

    thanks 4 the article…actually I really wanted to buy redmi note 2 prime but now am somewhat sure its not gonna launch in india with mediatek…
    Now am planning to buy mi5…could u tell me whether it will launch in india or not…also each sites says different specs …most anticipated thing is it will launch with snapdragon 820 processor…most powerful processor qualcomm ever made…is that true? I hope snapdragon 820 doesnt have heating issues as it is made by the 14nm finfet process which is used to make exynos 7420…I don’t trust snapdragon processors as I heard most of the processors suffers from heating problem …but hope they will rectify heating problem in 820 …so am hopefully waiting for mi5 with SD820…do u have any idea regarding its release date in india? also pls tell me its exact specification …

  101. Fahad says

    I heard there is any wifi prblm in k3 note?
    Its true?

  102. Fahad says

    I’m consufed what should i buy. Please help me.

  103. shalin says

    Hello abhijith,
    Is that true
    That 30 Nov is release date of redmi note 2 prime with snapdragon processor.
    Is that any prblm with this.
    If its not coming than suggest me a better smartphone under 15k.

  104. Naveen Maurya says

    somebody tell me where is redmi service centre in delhi

  105. Om prakash singh says

    Please suggest me for a smartphone to use officely work or more work what ever i expect as a smart phone.i want no hanging problem as well as any other problem in the phone so please suggest me a good phone in 5.5 inch screen

  106. thiru says

    plz tell me the release date of xiaomi redmi note2 prime

  107. Vicky_j says

    Hlw Abhijith Sir how r u…
    Sis plzzz give me a rite suggestion coz i m very much confused 🙁 Sir plzz tell me dat 30 Nov is releasing date of redmi note 2 prime in india???? coz i m waiting at ph very much & i want to purchase dat ph as soon as possible… Sir plzzz give a kind suggestion.

  108. Naveen Maurya says

    redmi note 2 pro date announced on 24 on China website sooooo wait and check it. .

  109. karthikeyan says

    when the mi note 2 prime avialable in india

  110. gaurav k c says

    hi abhijith. I want smartphone under 12k or 15k. can u suggest me which is best under 12k n 15k. I want 2gb ram more than 2500 mah bat. & 16 GB internal storage.

  111. Vishwajeet Kadam says

    Please tell me the exact date of Xiaomi redmi note 2 prime and tell me about ASUS zenfone 2 laser

    1. Vishwajeet Kadam says

      Tell me about coolpad note 3 can i buy this phone

  112. venkat says

    Can u plz…. tell me about the release date of xiaomi redmi note 2 prime.. im waiting for this phone from last 2 months… im very much interested on this phone….

  113. kumar says

    please notify me when it will come?if there any fixed date of launching

  114. Abhijit Debnath says

    I have a Question,,
    I Want 5.5 hd Display with 2 gb rand 4G and 4G connectivity and a Good Front and Back camera with Good Processor.. Which mobile Should I buy???
    Pls help me.

    1. Abhijith says

      Plenty of options are there for you, Take a look at Yureka Plus, Lenovo A7000 & Coolpad Note 3. If you’re going by specs and amount of features, Coolpad Note 3 will do.

      1. Firozzzzz says

        Hii abhijith….i am a redmi fan..i am waiting note 2 prime from August the prblm u my question is will redmi 3 launch in india???plzz ans me..i am waiting ..

  115. a.mohapatra says

    Can u plz…. tell me about the release date of
    xiaomi redmi note 2 prime.. im waiting for this
    phone from last 3 months… im very much
    interested on this phone….!

  116. yash bhatiya says

    Any idea about xiaomi red mi note 3 prime.! When it’s going to be launched in india.? Can i expect it in 2016..!

  117. a.mohapatra says

    Sis plzzz give me a rite suggestion coz i m very
    much confused Sir plzz tell me dat releasing date of redmi note 2 prime in india????
    coz i m waiting at ph very much & i want to
    purchase dat ph as soon as possible… Sir plzzz
    give a kind suggestion.

  118. Sathish says

    HI All,
    the day came for all…

    Xiaomi to launch Redmi Note 2 Prime on 15 December amidst Christmas celebrations.

  119. pooja says

    Sir plzz tell me… When the continue redmi note 4g… Bcz I m waiting for it…. Bcz I like dis phone so plss tell me….

  120. Sangam Raaz says

    I want to ask the xiaomi authorised that
    When red mi note 2 prime will lounch in india?
    Plz Tell sir i am very excited to buy this mobile…

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