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Top 3 Apps For Copa America 2015!

Copa America is the football festival of South America, in fact Copa America stands for America Cup in in Spanish and Portuguese. It is the biggest international football tournament after FIFA world cup, and it is one of the most fan loved football tournament too!

As with any sports event, it is now a tradition that there are a variety of apps that are made by awesome devs that serve to give you up to date and live info on these events. Such is the case with Copa also, we can find many apps in Play store dedicated to Copa America, here I’ll list the Top 3 Apps for Copa America! Read on :

Copa America 2015


This is kind of the official app of Copa America 2015, as this is from, who also run the official website of Copa America this year. In this app, you can find all the news, results, live scores and more about Copa America. It will be providing you live scores on every matches, and all the info on 12 teams and all the players in them.

It has a great UI, which is very good to use and even though it doesn’t follow the standard Android apps design language, it looks beautiful and UI is butter smooth. Download this app from Play Store now!

Copa America 2015 Schedule


While the previous app focuses on doing a lot of things, this app focus mainly on one thing : Copa America 2015 Schedule. Yes, this app does one job to it’s fullest, to give you the most updated schedules and fixtures of Copa. That doesn’t mean that it is a spartan, it has got some other functions baked in too, one of the interesting one is the inclusion of widgets on home screen, which can show the schedule and other data right on your home screen.

This app also includes a brief history of Copa America, which also makes this app unique. Download it from Play Store for free now!

Free kick – Copa America


All work and no play? Aha, you got me, this is not an app, in fact this is the only game in the play store which is based on Copa America! This game is actually a clone of some football games out there, such as Flick shoot and others. You just have to control the ball using your fingers for flicking, in penalty shoot outs.

In this game, you’ll find all those teams participating in the Chile Copa America 2015 tournament. You can choose to be any one of them and also choose the opponents. Download this game now from Play Store!

Check out :

That’s it guys! So how was the list of best apps for Copa America 2015? Let me know by comments!

Top 3 Apps For Copa America 2015!
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