Windows 10 Coming Soon To Android Phones (Xiaomi First)

Yesterday evening, Microsoft officially confirmed the release of Windows 10 this summer. At the end of this announcement, they announced one thing that was shocking and interesting, The Redmond company is currently testing its new Windows 10 OS on Xiaomi Mi 4! They will be providing a custom ROM (yeah, you heard it right!) for Xiaomi Mi 4 in coming weeks.

Microsoft wants to replace the Android OS with its own OS, which itself explains how desperate they are to get people to try out their software. A strategy that may help the software giant to promote it’s OS among enthusiastic users and developers.

At first, Microsoft will be inviting a few power users of Xiaomi Mi 4 to help with beta testing of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and they will be able to contribute to the next release of the OS.

And we can see why they went into collaboration with Xiaomi, because Xiaomi is currently the market leader in China, and also because of the fact that Xiaomi’s awesome user community which nobody else can claim of. And they’re choosing one of the best smartphones we saw in 2014.

With this, Microsoft is targeting the country China because they’re yet to get a foothold with their mobile operating system. The country is currently dominated by the likes of MIUI, EMUI, and similar fragmented Android based OS’s (AOSP based precisely).

Microsoft have said that it is just a start of thing and more and more devices will be supported soon. This all depends on how successful they will be with this program. Xiaomi commented on this as an “experimental program” and has nothing to do with an official partnership. Xiaomi has also shown off a Mi 4 running Windows 10 on MIUI forums, take a look :xiaomi-mi-4-windows-10-installed

I don’t really think that this partnership or collaboration will go on, as Xiaomi is having their own custom ROM MIUI, which is much more popular than Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS (yes it really is!). And they will come across a conflict of interest sooner or later.

Source : Windows Blog, MIUI forums

Windows 10 Coming Soon To Android Phones (Xiaomi First)
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