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WhatsApp Calling Invites Are Closed Now

So you saw the news that WhatsApp calling has started rolling out, and everyone is now able to get the WhatsApp calling feature, by using invites. The news that everyone can now use WhatsApp calling is not true, and many people have been complaining that they’re not able to activate the calling feature. WhatsApp introduced this as a beta feature, and it is still not available to everyone, even though multiple news point out that it is available for everyone.

WhatsApp used a unique invite system for spreading this feature to all users, which you might be already familiar to, that is by updating the WhatsApp to the latest version (from Play Store directly or you can download the latest APK file and update). Many of you have updated the WhatsApp and have got the latest WhatsApp calling feature, but now some (or all) users are having problems getting the Calling feature of WhatsApp.

I have personally tested this with many of my friends’ numbers yesterday and today. But all of them were not able to avail the calling feature of WhatsApp. Those who tried to access the calling feature yesterday and today were left unhappy, they were not able to access the feature. They were able to receive the call and talk, but they’re not able to activate the calling feature. I’ve also tried and tested with this feature by updating the WhatsApp on one of my phones (which been updated to latest version yesterday), I tried calling from my other phone which had calling enabled. It was able to receive call, but the calling feature was not activated, I tried restarting the app and also rebooting the phone.

I presume that this is because the invites window for the WhatsApp calling have been stopped by the company, and the news that now every Android user can access calling feature is not true. I’ve seen many people (and news websites) posting about activating the calling feature, and how to do it. I must say, it is not available now, and to avail the calling feature everyone must wait until WhatsApp reopens the invites window again. For this time, the invite window was very small and it lasted only 2 days (or 3 for some).

UPDATE : Some of my friends suggest to add some screenshots or videos to support this claim, so I’m adding the screenshots to this post. Take a look:

First Phone : This is the phone that I already had the calling feature enabled.whatsapp callingSecond Phone : In this phone, I have done a fresh installation of the app from Play Store and you can see the latest version number. I tried calling from my other number, and the call was received and answered for some time (see the time in image). I then cleared WhatsApp from memory and reopened, no sign of Calling feature was found. Also I tried restarting the device, you can see the results from the following images. (In case you’re wondering why I’m having two different styles of notification panels, I just changed the theme in CM11 to default Holo theme).

whatsapp calling 2whatsapp calling 3

I’ve also updated this post with a video to show the process. Take a look :

WhatsApp is yet to comment on this, they haven’t provided an official word about the calling feature or how and when will everyone be able to make use of this feature.

Now, let’s wait until WhatsApp again gives the invites. Also be quick with getting invites for that. I’ll be updating when the next invites are available, keep watching this space if you really need those invites! And if doubt the things I stated in this article, just test it out yourselves!

WhatsApp Calling Invites Are Closed Now
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  1. Sashikant says

    Hi Abhijith,
    I completely second you with the tests you did and to take it to the next level I did try to re-install whatsapp on my android but used a phone number which had the calling feature and I could see the phone icon and use it as well. Not sure how and where whatsapp folks post the activation window details, though through this comment would request you to let us know once its back up.

    Thanks again for your efforts and support with this!!!

    1. Abhijith says

      Great to know you tried that. I’m guessing that the Calling feature is attached to the Phone number, they give access to the feature based on the numbers (which they use as user ID) which got invited.
      I’ll be updating when the invite window is open, and I would suggest everyone reading this to grab the opportunity as soon as the invites are again open.
      And btw, Thank you for commenting Sashikant! 🙂

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