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The Top 5 Pros & Cons of HTC One M9


HTC has now released their much waited flagship, the HTC One M9 at MWC 2015, Barcelona. It has been just like the previous leaks and rumors we have been hearing. HTC have been boasting a full year’s work, which the phone has undergone in making, in their video which was shown at the unveiling of the phone. It was all about dedication and passion that they have put into making the phone. But, looking at the actual device, we might be in wonder where did all that went? (Yeah, really).

So many people and media have been criticizing the manufacturer of the One M9, which actually haven’t undergone any much improvement or refinement in the design or other areas. But it does have some advantages or pros too. In this article, we’ll look in to the major advantages and disadvantages of the latest flagship from HTC. Read on.



HTC is done with the Ultra-pixel primary camera, now they have fitted a 20.7 MP camera, which is manufactured by Sony. Yes, it is the same camera you can find in Sony’s flagships. This camera also comes with the RAW image capture and 4K video recording. Now, where did the Ultra-pixel camera go? It haven’t gone anywhere, it’s now shifted it’s position to the front of the device, we can name the phone an ultimate selfie phone, considering the fact that the One M8 took awesome low light indoor clicks.

Music & Audio

HTC has already got the front faced BoomSound speakers, they have now made it so much enjoyable by adding Dolby powered surround sound, they are now better than ever. The phone also supports 24 bit audio, so I should not say much about the audio quality that HTC is offering with this phone. Audiophiles have a reason to buy this phone now.

Build Quality

HTC has been building some of the best built phones of the world lately, with the previous generations’ HTC has made a name for itself and set a bench mark with the build quality of the phones. They haven’t gone a bit back with the build quality in the new HTC One M9. This is one of the top advantages of having an HTC flagship. The



The original HTC One (M7) was the device that actually turned around the fortunes for HTC. It made all the critics go wow because of it’s design language. The same design language is used in the latest version of One, HTC didn’t change much on the design front for the M9.

HTC has been designing beautiful phones for years, and M9 for me, nothing has changed much but it still is strikingly beautiful. There is no much visible change on the exterior of the device and it can easily be mistaken for the One M8. The Verge even wrote that they thought this was actually the previous version of the phone, when they first saw the device. One good improvement on design is the reduction in bezels with this phone, there is no much bezels on the sides and it looks beautiful.


HTC has chosen to remain at the 1080p display resolution, while all the others opted for 2K resolution. The S-LCD3 1080p screen that is the same that is found in the previous two generations of the phone. It is sharp, quite true to life, but it is still not matching the Samsung Galaxy S6’s display, also many of the previous generation flagships.

Final Words

HTC has given us a flagship that is not worth the hype it had and there’s no much reason for an upgrade if you’re using the current generation One (M8), or even the generation behind it! What HTC have done is polishing the old model and adding some good features to it, no much improvement has done on the features and specifications (SD 810 is just an evolutionary addition, nothing much). HTC has now lost the edge on Samsung and other top manufacturers in the flagship battle, considering the heavy work that Samsung did with it’s flagship, Galaxy S6. All I say is that HTC has just lost it’s coolness factor!

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The Top 5 Pros & Cons of HTC One M9
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