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OnePlus Desperate about Mi 4 Launch, Sending Out Invites in Huge Numbers

You all know how hard it can be to get hands on the OnePlus One. It was so hard that I’ve seen people begging on Facebook groups for invites. It was their iconic and wicked invite system that made them famous, Cyanogen also played a part, but this invite system have changed everyone’s perception of sales and made the phone scarce. It has been on news for sometime because of this and they have even been banned in India for the issue with Micromax’s Yureka.

Now, with the launch of the Mi 4 in India, OnePlus really seems desperate. They are sending out Indian specific invites in huge amounts to buyers in India, who have previously registered on Amazon for Invites. Amazon is the exclusive retailer for OnePlus One in India, at the launch, they requested customers to register for the invites and wait for it. They have also conducted some contests for giving away invites. But as far as I know, they have been sending out one to three invite for a buyer who registered for invites, that too sparingly.

Now, many users are reporting that they have received OnePlus One invites, that to on large amount ranging from 15 to 25 (may be more). I, myself have received 19 Indian specific invites today morning. Check out these images from my mail :

oneplus one sending out many invites

Not satisfied, just check out these images provided by my friends in Facebook for yourselves (i’ve OnePlus invite give away (1) OnePlus invite give away (2) OnePlus invite give away (3) OnePlus invite give away (4) OnePlus invite give away (5) OnePlus invite give away (6)

capture-20150206-200458 capture-20150206-200413 capture-20150206-200604You’re free to use those invites as seen in the screenshots, it may be available as most people might not have used it. You have limited time, act fast. Also, I have my invites left, you can comment here if you want it.

Comparing OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi 4, Mi 4 does have some good things going for it, considering the fact that Xiaomi is already an established brand in India now. And they have got great fan following from India, much much greater than OnePlus One. And this being the successor to the epic Mi 3, which was a humongous hit in the country.

Seems like most people have got invites got invites and now, as I have already asked in the OnePlus One groups in Facebook if anyone want free invites. Previously, if someone did posted about an invite, people were ready to pay for invites and I have seen many people making good money by selling invites on Facebook groups. Now that this has happened, people gave me a cold response when I asked them about invites.

Yes, it is now confirmed, OnePlus is really afraid of Mi 4 and they’re damn desperate. I just have to ask OnePlus one  question, why don’t you just s#!tty invite system and make this phone available for all to buy. You guys are not that deprived of resources, you have a great company on your back (Oppo) and money is also not a problem. I’m damn sure that they’ll find more than enough takers for their phone in India than anywhere else on the world!

UPDATE : OnePlus is available for sale without invite on February 10 from 10 AM IST, read about it here.

What do you guys think about this? Have you got the invites? Please leave your comments here, and let me know.

OnePlus Desperate about Mi 4 Launch, Sending Out Invites in Huge Numbers
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