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The Best iPhone 6 Clones That You Can Find in 2015

There’s a saying that imitation is the best form of complement, and in that case cloning can also be considered as a complement and tribute (but not always) to the original one. China is a country that is known for cloning phones, gadgets, and virtually anything. One on the most cloned phone is the Apple iPhone. And there is no lack of clones for the new iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. This phone has been cloned a number of times and we can see there are many good ones and bad ones (some people just messed it up!).

Most of these clones originate from China, just because there are no laws in China which protects copyright of someone. This is the main reason why we can even see cloned cars (yes, you can google cloned Audi) in China, that looks exactly like real ones.

The Best iPhone 6 Clones

Take a look at these knock-off iPhones :

Goophone i6 & i6 Plus



This one is the first on the list because this phone even launched before the original iPhone 6 was announced. Goophone actually has a great track record of making cloning major flagships and they’re famous for cloning Apple iPhones. Goophone i6 was released way before Apple even launched the real iPhone, and the model available now is the version 2 of the model. They’ve also released the i6 Plus version, which is the replica of the iPhone 6 Plus. Both of the models comes in 3 different version with different specifications. The Goophone i6 is sold for $129.00 where as the i6 Plus is sold for $149. Take a look : i6 & i6 Plus


Goophone i6

  • 1.3 GHz MTK6572 Dual Core/1.4 GHz MTK6582 Quad Core/1.7 GHz MTK6592 Octa Core
  • 4.7 Inch 960 x 540 Pixel/960 x 540 Pixel/1280 x 800 Pixel
  • 512 MB/1 GB/1 GB RAM
  • Camera : 5 MP – 2.3 MP/8 MP – 2.3 MP/8 MP – 5 MP
  • Android 4.2 with iOS like UI

Goophone i6 Plus

  • 1.3 GHz MTK6572 Dual Core/1.4 GHz MTK6582 Quad Core/1.7 GHz MTK6592 Octa Core
  • 5.5 Inch 960 x 540 Pixel/960 x 540 Pixel/1280 x 800 Pixel
  • 512 MB/1 GB/1 GB RAM
  • Camera : 5 MP – 2.3 MP/8 MP – 2.3 MP/8 MP – 5 MP
  • Android 4.2 with iOS like UI

Dakele Big Cola 3


Dakele Big Cola 3 has one thing that separate itself from other iPhone 6 clones, that is it comes with great specs for the price and not the usual pathetic specs you can see in clones. Dakele Big Cola 3 has a 5-inch display (not the same 4.7 inch screen you can see in other clones) with a resolution of 1080p, covered with sapphire crystal, 3 GB of RAM (not a typo, it has 3 GB RAM) and runs on eight-core 64-bit processor. The phone is also equipped with a Sony 13-megapixel main camera and Sony 8-megapixel front camera. The phone is priced at $243.


  • 1.7 GHz 64 bit octa-core MediaTek MT6752
  • 5 inch 1080p display
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Camera : 13 MP – 8 MP
  • Android 4.4

Texet iX-maxi


This is an iPhone 6 clone from Russia, and not the usual place China. PhoneArena touted this as the best built cloned iPhone ever. May be that is right, because it looks exactly like an iPhone 6, but the Apple logo is missing (obviously) and the home button is like a Meizu MX4 and not exactly like the iPhone 6’s. Even the camera at the back is protuding exactly like the one in iPhone 6. The built quality is also quite good, but this impression stays as long as the screen is off, because this phone is also having a low resolution and stock Android (not iOS like interface). This phone will cost you about $175.


  • 1.3 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6582
  • 4.7 inch 540 x 960 Pixel display
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Camera : 8 MP – 2 MP
  • Stock like Android 4.4

Sophone i6



The Sophone i6 is another iPhone 6 clone which doesn’t really come with any other special features, but it is a 1:1 exact replica of the iPhone 6. The Sophone i6 is equipped with a 4.7-inch 960 x 540 pixels display and it is powered by a quad processor MediaTek MT6582 clocked at 1.3 GHz, other specifications seem to be similar to what other clones have got to offer. It sells for only $140.


  • 1.3 GHz quad core MediaTek MT6582
  • 4.7 inch 540 x 960 Pixel display
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Camera : 13 MP – 5 MP
  • Stock like Android 4.4

That’s the end of the list, how was it? Did you like any of these clones? Let me know if you know any other good iPhone 6 clones in the comments.

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The Best iPhone 6 Clones That You Can Find in 2015
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  1. allenage says

    Sophone i6 looks like real iphone 6.

    1. Abhijith says

      Yeah, that’s the point!

      1. charles says

        sir how can buy it for cheapest price im here philippines?

        1. charles says

          Sophone i6 sir how much?

      2. madam n says

        How to order this sophone i6?

  2. aqua says

    soiphone 6 image is actually image of iphone 6 , the author has pphotoshoped it on the apple logo. LAME

    1. Abhijith says

      Might be! 😀 That’s the point of clones actually!

      1. Maria says

        I bought a goophoneI6s in China. I can’t read Chinese. Is there a possibility to change the device from Chinese into English?

        1. Abhijith says

          It’s an Android, the language settings will be in Language & input settings. You can find it in the settings by a little guessing. (Use another Android and check where the language & input settings are in that device. And try to find it on your goophone i6s). Hope this helps. 🙂

          1. rachelle says

            would u encourage to purchase it? how long will it last?

          2. Hazrat Usman Barki says

            Is At Available In UAE..
            I just need it..
            Will you please tell me the Price of This Phone….
            Hazrat Usman Barki

        2. rachelle says

          hey Maria,
          was wondering how do u like it so far. (performance) looking for a device for my 10 year old.

        3. irshad says

          Dial *#15963*# or perfectly watch the video on YouTube you can even change boot logo……????

      2. anand says

        sir it’s best or not.

  3. YU says

    Bade he manhoos shakal ke malik hai ! hahahahahahh

  4. Kath says


  5. Kath says

    can i have that one?

  6. Kath says

    how much?

  7. steve says

    Please send me info so i can buy

  8. Brad says

    Hi I bought a cloned Apple I6plus in Kuala Lumpur while on holiday, looks like real phone (I thought it was real, at the price I paid I should have been sceptical)

    Question is how do I unlock to work in South Africa? Any ideas from you tech savvy peeps?


  9. sushant says

    What’s the difference between true clone, replica and super high replica? Some are with android os and some with ios8, ios8 are costly. Which one should be preferred. Can anyone help

    1. karan says

      Sir, Can you tell me from where I can get these clone phones?

      1. Abhijith says

        You’ll have to import them from China, there are many websites selling these phones, such as Gearbest (search the name of the phones on google, you’ll get). As you’re from India, you’ll have to take the burden of customs tax while receiving the shipment.

        1. Madhu says

          Hey is there any iphones called 1:1 usa copy which demands that it runs on ios(not android theme) along with touch id,siri,3d touch,app store..etc i suggest you visit their website is those specs fake..?

  10. Donnelle Floyd says

    I am looking to purchase a clone iPhone 6 Plus. What is the best site to get it from and how much will it cost me

  11. Donnelle Floyd says

    Looking to purchase a clone iPhone 6plus. What is the best site to buy it from and how much should it cost me

  12. Das says

    Checkout the Blackview Ultra A6.

  13. Alphonsus says

    Can i get it in Nigeria??

  14. manuarar says

    Maria how was the performance?i like to buy how to buy online?

  15. manuarar says

    How to deal with china manufacturer?

  16. Dominika says

    There’s also a blackview A6 ultra that looks exactly the same easily purchased from eBay 🙂

  17. Paris says

    How can i buy one?and how it cost?

  18. Vinardo Kie says

    Hdc should be on the list

    1. Abhijith says

      HDC or HTC 😀 lol

      1. says

        It’s HDC they make gr8 samsung clones

  19. PontoTechno says

    Unfortunately sophone i6 stopped producing.

  20. jesel says

    how can i buy iPhone ?

  21. Amanda says

    Hi, Is iPhone 6s plus clone a good phone to buy? Does it function well? Can I be able to download some apps via app store?

  22. naman says

    Sir which is the best clone of I phone 6.

  23. Banaan says

    I got the Goophone i6 for about 8 months now, still happy with it. Back then for $150, its look is almost 1:1 with the original even the logo and “Designed by…” are on de back! Only difference is that the original is a bit slimmer (can only tell the difference if u lay these besides eachother).

  24. Niamh says

    Which is better a goophone i6 or a sophone i6?

  25. Wildhjim Tilme says

    How can I order one, and how much it cost

  26. akkk says

    how can i buy this phone?? & what is the price of this phone?????

  27. Sandra says

    Hi, Abhijith, Would you please tell me where to buy the Iphone 7? or is the Iphone6 Plus better?
    I look forward to hearing from you

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