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WhatsApp Spy : How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages?

Yeah you read it right, you can now spy on your friend’s/lover’s WhatsApp account, if it’s locked! WhatsApp spy techniques I’m going to mention below can be used to track any contact in your list for when they come online (even if they are offline) and also to read their chats and conversation even if they are locked by some app locker!

WhatsApp Spy : How to Spy on WhatsApp?

There are 4 methods I’m going to explain, both methods are only for Android. Some are simple, some are difficult, you’ve to try them yourselves to know which one works for you. The WhatsApp spy Android methods are as follows:

Method 1 : Track when they come online

By this method, you can spy on your friend/lover for the times he/she comes online. This is using an app called WhatsDog, it is a WhatsApp spy app which you can use to track other people on WhatsApp. WhatsDog WhatsApp spy app isn’t available on Play Store.

  1. Download WhatsDog from this link : WhatsDog : WhatsApp spy free download
  2. Install it, and run it. (You might want to go to Settings > Security > Check ‘Unknown Sources’, if you haven’t installed an apk on your device before).
  3. On start up, you’ll be asked to select a contact, select the required contact. You’ll now see a ‘Required agreement’ pop up. Just select OK, you’ll be taken to the next screen.whatsapp spy
  4. Now, on this screen you’ll be able to see the times when your selected contact comes online. This works even when the person you want to spy is hiding the online status or last seen stats.spy on whatsapp

Note : You can only use this tool for tracking one WhatsApp contact at a time. You can spy another number/contact by deleting the data of the app (option to do that is given in the app) and start from step 1 again. spy on whatsapp of your friend


Pro tip : You can use this WhatsApp spy app on many numbers/contacts if you’re having a rooted phone and Titanium backup pro installed, using the profiles option in Titanium backup.

Method 2 : Read their conversations even if it’s locked!

So your friend’s WhatsApp is locked using some app locker like Smart App Lock or AppLock, and you want to find out what’s in your friend’s WhatsApp and whom they message read their chat log, Right? (You’re a stalker dude!). Well, I’ll show you how to do just that, read the following procedures :

  1. First thing to is to download & install Backup Text for Whats in your friend’s phone. This is one of the best spy apps for WhatsApp (You can install it by transferring the apk file from your phone).
  2. Open Backup Text, you’ll see some options – Filter by chat, Filter by date & Filter by message type. Select the appropriate categories. In filter by chat, you can filter the messages you want based on contact (that is, if you want to read only chats of specific people). Similarly, you can select specific chats based on date and type of chats (incoming or outgoing) too. Select appropriately.
  3. Now the next option you see will be the file type. I would suggest you select ‘txt’ from that, because it is readable easily.
  4. Next, select ‘Export to’, you’ll see two different options : ‘SD Card’ and ‘Email’. I would suggest you to go with Email, as it will allow you to send the exported file through email right away. Select any, and you are good to go. (If selecting email, be sure to delete the mail after being sent!). spy on lovers whatsapp

Method 3 : Using WhatsApp Web!

Now, this is a very simple method that you can use to spy on your dear ones (not anyone) WhatsApp, it applies only to your dear ones because you must have an idea on when they comes online and when they’ll be using WhatsApp.

I guess you already know WhatsApp has a web version called ‘WhatsApp Web’. Which basically mirrors your WhatsApp in phone to your PC/Laptop. Only thing is your phone must be connected to internet when you’re using WhatsApp Web. You can use this to spy on your dear ones (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife).

But there is a small catch, you must have physical access of their phone and must be able to open WhatsApp for a little time. You have to authorize the WhatsApp Web and the new browser on their phone. Else this method won’t work. Steps for that are mentioned below :

  1. Open WhatsApp on their phone, and go to menu and find WhatsApp Web.whatsapp spy using whatsapp web
  2. In WhatsApp Web, click on the ‘+’ button on top most right.whatsapp spy using whatsapp web
  3. You’ll see QR scanner option.whatsapp spy using whatsapp web
  4. Now open WhatsApp Web on your Chrome or Firefox browser (No other browser supported now).spy using whatsapp web
  5. And point the QR scanner on the QR code in your browser.
  6. There you go! You now have a mirror of the WhatsApp of your loved one’s in your browser itself. whatsapp web interface

Be careful with this, don’t just open the unread WhatsApp messages as it might induce some doubts in the person whom you’re spying on. Also they could log out from all the browsers if they knew about it. It could not be good for your relationship too!

That’s how you spy on WhatsApp, the easy way. Now, moving on to the difficult way.

Method 4 : MAC address spoofing

This is a tough method to follow and is not possible without a great level of technical skills. If you’re new to all these and not into technical stuff, you’d better be off trying this method. Also you’ll be requiring a rooted Android phone (check here to find out how to root any Android phone)

Using MAC address spoofing, you can run a copy of your target’s WhatsApp in your phone. This will require you to get your hands on their device for some time.

Find the MAC address of your target’s phone

This is the easy part. First you’ve to find the MAC address of your target’s phone, be it Android, iPhone or Windows. Follow these steps for that :

  • On Android, go to Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • On iPhone, Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi address.
  • On Windows, Settings > About > More info > MAC address.

Now that you’ve got your target’s MAC address, you’ve to change the MAC address in your rooted Android phone. That’s a long process, I’ll leave a link for that from XDA. Click here.

After you’ve spoofed your MAC address to your target’s, install WhatsApp in your Android phone. And use your target’s phone number to login, use the OTP from that phone when asked. Click next to the chat screen. Now you’ve a perfect copy of your target’s WhatsApp in your phone. Now you can easily spy on your anyone’s WhatsApp (although the steps are a little difficult in this).

WhatsApp Spy : Conclusion

That’s how you spy on your friend’s WhatsApp, without his/her knowledge. Both the tricks works awesome and can be used to spy on your friends.

We’re trying to get more of these kinds of small tricks to work on to spy on your friend’s WhatsApp! But these are the best and working methods for WhatsApp Spy, and that too for free. Beware, there are many other malicious apps and softwares claiming to hack other’s WhatsApp, but all those won’t work and they’re mostly a scam which is trying to install some malicious software on your phone or pc.

These WhatsApp spy free download methods are currently working and please let me know how well it went for you, by commenting below! Also Share these whatsapp spy download with your friends, if you liked this article.

WhatsApp Spy : How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages?
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  1. Amit Nigam says

    Hello abhijith
    how to unroot the android phone and is it safe to unroot the android?
    pls reply soon …

    1. Abhijith says

      It’s safe to do so. And the unrooting methods are different for different devices.

      1. xee says

        can we hack someones wats app?

      2. Lina says

        Hi I can’t see my husband whatsap online it don’t shows for last 2 day’s so I downloaded what’sapp dog it’s not showing me of just done today please help me in want find out wat he’s doing before used to show me he’s online now it dont I think he made private

      3. Jake says

        Hey I still don’t get the part with the scanner because I can only connect my account with whatsapp on pc cuz I dont have the other persons scanner.

      4. Akshay says

        Hi abhijeet i can’t login in to the app plz help me

      5. Khalid says

        Hi do u know about how to view whatsapp messages beteeen two d8ff numbers if i know them ..without touching their iphones for example

      6. Dickson says

        Hi Dear friend..I want to spy on my gf. I only have her mobile number.
        Can you spy on whatsapp

  2. satwik says

    Its not working on my phone pls help

  3. sandeep says

    Dear abhijit ….I want to know that the no we entered for tracking can understand our activities. there any small send to them or not.

  4. Jaime says

    Good morning Abhijith:
    I believe that my girlfriend is cheating on me, and want to install Whatsdog and or any other WhatsApp spy app that really works.
    The only problem is that I am not very knowledgable about computer and iPhone technology.
    Can you instruct me to do do it?

  5. sara says

    Salam dear Abhijith,, my boyfriend is cheating on me but he keeps laying ,, I am tired and I want to end it by knowing the truth ,plz help me how I can send him a spy software without physical contact with his phone ,via link or email or something like that ,,?

    1. Sid says

      Dear Sara

      You need to have a physical access to your bf mobile else it wouldn’t work.

    2. shahbaz says


  6. anil says

    Pls help me check with whom my gf is chatting with on whatsapp. I feel she deliberatly trying to keep distance with me.

  7. Quincy hlongwa says

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  11. olaotan says

    I can’t seem to export via email or sd card cos it’s required me to upgrade to a pro version. I did this in which I paid and it still asked me for Google password and I can’t export because the select chat option is not highlighted. What’s the way out

  12. manu says

    Hi abhi

    I have a question…when i click on the “info” button to see time wen a message was read on whatsapp window i can see an image like this. but why no time stamp is there? does this image means user have read message?

    oh i can’t attch screen shot here
    it shows two tick mark followed by READ
    and a hiphen

    it shows two tick mark followed by DELIVERED
    and a hiphen

  13. ouma says

    I want to spy by bf so i dnt knw if he could see it i dnt want him to see it pls reply

  14. kenneth says

    Sir is there a way i can contact you

    1. Abhijith says

      Use the contact page of Gadgetraid, it’s in the top most bar 🙂

      1. hasan says

        i want to see my husbands whatspp message. how to see help me

  15. abi says

    is it possible to check whatsapp profile picture and status message of any contact??

    1. K says


  16. rhusty gonzales says

    hello sir how are you today? can u help teach me how to spy my girlsfrends whatsapp acount.

  17. XAVIER says


  18. XAVIER says

    Please advice how can i install APK FILE to my friend mobile ? You can install it by transferring the apk file from your phone).

    1. Abhijith says

      Just install without his knowledge. Like using his phone some time and send the apk to his phone and install it without him knowing about it. You know what I meant! 😉

      1. cool says

        can i even get the text after they delete they text..???

    2. Lala says

      The levels people go to stalk ????

  19. Adli says

    After i clik ok . it say
    ” is not posible to complete the registration because whatsdog is at 100°/• of capacity . please try it later ”
    How should i do ?

  20. Manaz says

    Hi, please give me the link to download whatsdog in my windows phone, Nokia Lumia 520

    1. Abhijith says

      Sorry, these apps are only for Android.

      1. ade says

        Please , I need Nokia Lumia version of whatsdog app. Please contact through my mail.

        1. Abhijith says

          Sorry, Whatsdog is only available in Android.

          1. Arsalan says

            Abhijit even when i downloaded it.
            Its not showing any details.please help how to track as is asking to buy bones

  21. ketki says

    sir whats dog only gives you when they come online and i cant install the other app in his phone..Is their any other simple free app available to read the conversations

  22. alex says

    is there any other method to spy on chat conversation without install anything to their phone ?

    1. Abhijith says

      No that is not possible.

      1. K says

        Is there working app for whatsapp .. who check on my whatsap

      2. Arsalan says

        I have no acess to my gf mobile we are in long distance please advise by jist the number how whatsdog run as its not retrieving any data for me

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    I want to track my husbands whatsapp messages for free… plz help me out…

    1. karthik says

      fiza i guess the whatsapp web would be working perfectly for u

    2. naren says

      u can use other method as well… mesg me

  24. hise says

    how if they deleted the conversation.
    is that possible to recover the deleted msg

  25. ritu says

    abhi please help me to hack my boyfriends whatsapp account .he wont give me his please tell some good idea

  26. Nick says

    Nice article and well explained.
    Just a piece of advice for those in comments who want to put the app in bf or gf’s phone. Guys just confront and tell them what you think trust me it works much better, and if you seriously have doubts better move on rather than doing this and getting caught.

    1. Abhijith says

      I totally agree with this. 🙂 Trust is something that cannot be gained once broken.

  27. islam says

    How to monitor two numbers kn whats dog?

  28. anaspunk says

    how do you want me to install an application in their phone, damn !!

    1. Abhijith says

      That’s the only catch!

  29. harshad patel says

    i want my girlfriend whatsapp chatting is another people and she is cheating me so I m receive her conversation is my WhatsApp no

  30. clayon says

    My friend s you must try to help in life before someone can help you life is life is a greeting for people who recognize there selfe in life and I love myself and all my friends thank you

  31. Jeff says

    My girlfriend is in another country right now. Is there any app or program I can send to her andriod as a whatsapp message or an e-mail that will install an app to view her messages without her knowing…and install a spy app in the background. Can this be done with What’s dog or any other app you know of, and if so, how do I do this or find out how?

  32. Piyush says

    The problem I m facing is that it’s saying that it’s 100 % capacity full ..and it’s not working .. Plz can u help resolve this problem

  33. chand says

    How to read/back up chats if it is deleted after say in every 2/ 3 mnts. I.e. how to take instant back up imdly after it is posted.

  34. Imam Maudji says

    Dear Abhijith,
    I have been installed the application and successful, but I can’t read the message from target during conversation
    Can you advise me how I can read the message from mobile target, if any features can you tell me and how much the price for full fasilities available.
    Thank you

    With Regards

    Imam Maudji

  35. Eleazar Ekufful says

    Please I have installed whatsdog but I can’t find any message dear.I only find de hours she was online….
    Please reply now

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  37. atif says

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    But I can find any soch result plz make me sure se

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  39. Mann says

    I want to know that how can I check who is visiting my whats app profile? Is it possible?

  40. naresh says

    its showing server error , try later..what to do now

    1. Abhijith says

      Which one, WhatsDog?

  41. AdaS Evans says

    Has anyone ever used iKeyMonitor whatsApp spy? How about it?

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    I have just installed app spy but it keeps on the configurations how can I use it now I can’t go anywhere …help me I need to check on bf yoh I can’t wait help me pliz I feel his cheating in fact he just dd but his lying help me pchivambe@ email me guys plis or I downloaded the wrong app?.send me thru email help me

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  44. avnish says

    hi abhijeet good work

  45. Marnus says

    So I have to install watchdog on my friends phone before I can see all of his messages????

    1. Abhijith says


  46. Seyran says

    Whatsdog gives server error how can be solved

  47. Adithya says

    Is there any other easy way to hack whats app he you are there face book give your name so i could talk

  48. BD says

    Hi Abhijith
    just wonder if whatsdog also monitor contact online status if using whatsapp web version on PC?
    thanks again for sharing your info.

  49. mukal says

    Me and my gf are using the same e mail id in our phone. Can i read her whats app msg in this way ? Is there any option ?

    1. Abhijith says

      If you want to get hands on full WhatsApp, check the third method I’ve updated in the post.

  50. NANA says

    I have install the WhatsDog app on my phone but when i type the number i want to spy on than it start loading ( connecting in progress waking up the dog ) but it can’t take me to the next step i have try it several times but still it can’t take me to the next step so what can i do about it ?

  51. NANA says

    I have install the WhatsDog app on my phone but when i type the number i want to spy on this massage pop up ( connecting in progress waking up the dog ) i have try it several time but it does not continue to the next step what should i do ?

  52. shezzy says

    server error what to do now

  53. Tobie says

    Please help. My gf is cheating and after i saw some messages, she then deleted it and lied saying its not true

  54. Meera says

    Can d 3rd method be caught…bcuz d person whom i wish 2 target is a well known computer software engineer…though he has no doubt on me 4 wat can i do…what precautions i shud take..i jst want 2check d conversation wid a particular contact only once

  55. Mari says

    Hi,i have to repeat each time the steps for the 3-rd method or just once,at the beginning (scanning the code,etc.)I can save,as a screenshot the QR code to use it after?

  56. dokuroa says

    It is not free app for 24hrs you have to spend 2€. And no guarantee about spy on your loved

    Why I am saying is I shouldn’t get any results it shows always unexpected errors

  57. Krishna reddy says

    Is the opposite can find us that we are checking them???

  58. mega says

    Pls can u help me with a software to wipe an icloud

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  60. andrew says

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    I see the next message:
    WhatsDog can not show you information until your contacts get online ….
    … but my contact is online.
    I’m confused and do not know what should I do?
    Thanks for your help and information

    1. Sara says

      I’m having the same issue.
      My contact is online but I don’t see any information.
      Did you find a solution?


  62. C7 says

    Is this possible to read someones message’s through whatsdog? Was that safe? Was that need rooted phones?

  63. Jasmine says

    Whatsdog does not work comes up asking for bones and not working

  64. Jamil says

    Everyone with the relationship problem will be here 😛

  65. Moreen says

    Siri have tried many times but i have failed to soy my boyfriend what should i do?But the problem we a in different countries,is it possible to track him with out verification?

  66. Moreen says

    Am moreen I have tried to soy my boyfriend I have failed what should i do? But we a in different countries,and can spy him with out verification?

  67. mohamed xaaji cabdi seeraar says

    How do I know someone whats up from where he was speaking

  68. Teer says

    None of these all methods are working now.
    WhatsApp is more smart than us.

  69. Nana says

    There is an app that works perfectly for all social medias and even calls….. You don’t need to worry.

  70. Kashif says

    Just download custom keyboard from blackmart app and install into victims mobile and enter ur mail id. U will get every text written from that mobile to ur mail id.

  71. Tshepo nyambe says

    I need to know how to spy on someones whatsapp wan he’s not around

  72. bryant says

    i scanned my wife’s whatsapp on my computer and so she went to town and within 1 hours it doesnt shows on my computer that she is sending or recieving messages

    1. Abhijith says

      Both devices must be on same Wifi network for WhatsApp web method to work.

      1. yaser ganie says

        what i had to do to known the conversation of my gf with others on my phone plzz tell me

  73. Chloe says

    Do I need to root the device so as to see the whatsapp message?

    1. Abhijith says

      Depends on the method you’re trying.

  74. Cindy says

    so how do I block or prevent anyone from spying on me? shall I uninstall whatsapp for Good?

    1. Abhijith says

      Haha. You need to be careful, most importantly not give access to your phone for anyone else.

  75. Samir Sammar says

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any possibilities to monitor my loved one and watch the messages of Whatsapp & Facebooks from my desktop computer?

  76. Tennis says

    Hei, i installed it bt its only bring twitter and Facebook to get started then after it goes nowhere. What could be the problem

  77. nea says

    i have try with my fon to scand the QR code ..yes i get it…but when i open my whatsapp web in whatsup app i can see that i connected with computer . so it wont a secret anymore couse he/she will know that someone is spying what should i do

  78. martin says

    Hey nice job sir.

  79. reyna says

    pls after installing, when i try to log in it says server error

  80. Yola says

    Dear abhijith, i hve try the whatsapp web and it working. But after exit the chrome then i enter back i can’t find the massage like before again. Please help me. Teach me how to find the massage… ????

  81. Rajiv says

    Dear Abhijit,

    Is it possible to spy whatsapp having only the number? I cannot get the phone fisically.
    If so, please send me an email pls.

  82. rani kumari says

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  83. John says


  84. John says

    Will the person know there what’s app has been hacked?

  85. aaron says

    i used spoofing mac method and was able to log in yet for some reason in couple of minutes the other phone receives a message saying that that number is activated in another phone and logs out…does that mean mac address is not changed successfully?

  86. Rudra says

    Can I hack other WhatsApp without touching their phone

  87. Sunil.kandoi says

    He i have problem my friend whatsapp hack and I see all chat bt he delete everything chat click and I m not shoeing that chat plz help plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

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