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Xiaomi Arch : Dual Edge Curved Display Phone

Thought Note 4 Edge was awesome, with its right sided curved display? Think again! Xiaomi is rumored to be planning a dual sided curved display smartphone! You read it right, the phone’s display is curved on both the sides and is similar to the Note 4 edge when it comes to the style of curve.

The curved sides will function similarly to the Note 4 Edge’s display. Both will be used to display the notifications and shortcuts.

With the dual-side curvature, Xiaomi Arch could easily fix the problem raised by many with the Note Edge’s display. That is the difficulty in using the phone for left handed users. (For which the Samsung’s solution was to use phone inverted, how pathetic!).


We have to keep in mind that Samsung have a pending patent application on “bend displays”. So if Samsung is given patent for that, this could be a dream only, as Samsung desperately needs something on its portfolio that it could differentiate itself from others, and this curved wrap around display is such a thing (the only thing, in my opinion).

The phone is not confirmed, the image is just a render. But it might be in the books of Xiaomi’s quest for innovation. If this goes official, we can see the direction that Mi is going. They are trying to differentiate itself from others, and that is a good thing.

What is your opinion on this device? Is this just a concept/is this a real device? Let us know! One more thing, If this comes out as a real one, would you buy one?

Xiaomi Arch : Dual Edge Curved Display Phone
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