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Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic Now Available on Flipkart

xiaomi mi in ear headphones basic review

Flipkart has now listed Mi in ear headphones Basic to their list of in ears. This budget In-earphone sits just below the great Mi pistons 2 and also has a similar design. Xiaomi has made itself a reputable name in the budget in-ear market, with this new model they hope to maintain its reputation.

Mi In ear Basic is really a basic in-ear unit, I said that because unlike the Mi pistons 2, this one is made up of plastic. Apart from that, it does share many similarity between Mi piston 2.

This one comes with similar Kevlar fiber cable that is found in Mi piston 2 (from the ear-piece to the buttons of the piston, check my full review). It is very good in my opinion, because it doesn’t get tangled much.

Mi In-ear Basic does retain the in-line controls and mic that Pistons 2 have. The buttons are similar to that of Mi pistons, two-volume buttons on one side and function button on the other.

It is similarly designed as the Mi pistons 2, but it is not in the gold color. It is sold in two color variants –  Black and White. It also retains the hole at the back of the ear-piece which was a signature of the piston 2 (it does have acoustic effects and it is not just a design gimmick).

Coming to the sound quality and signature, I can’t really comment on this without testing. But as far as the reviews on other websites & forums go, it is slightly on the lower side with bass when compared with Mi pistons. And the overall sound signature is almost similar to the Mi pistons 2 (Not very similar though, but close enough).

I have mentioned about Mi piston 2 through out this post, check out my full hands-on review.

It has been listed on Flipkart for Rs.500. It is pretty solid choice in the price range, and If you’re in hunt for a budget in-ear I highly recommend Mi in-ear Basic! And don’t forget to buy it only from Flipkart, which is Mi’s official partner. I have seen so many duplicates of the Mi in-ear Basic (that too of different color) on Amazon, Snapdeal & eBay, just avoid them. Don’t be fooled!

Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic Now Available on Flipkart
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