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AOSP Lollipop build for Xiaomi Mi 3 appears online!

xiaomi mi 3 android lollipop 5.0

We all know how awesome device is Xiaomi Mi 3 and it has good developer support with it. It is the one phone that gave Xiaomi the name ‘Smartphone disruptor’ by Forbes magazine. Lately, we have been hearing news about Android 5.0 update for  Mi 3, as Hugo Barra (who is controlling Mi’s global operations) itself has said in an interview that Android 5.0 for their top-tier models is their top priority right now.

Well, good news for Mi 3 users! More screenshots of AOSP build of 5.0 for Mi 3 has been published by MIUI forums Admin, Nanana on MIUI forums. And it is built by Ivan of MIUI forums. So we can say this might be an official build and not a custom ROM! Yes, you heard it right, Mi is going AOSP! It is worth noting that a similar build was released for their old flagship Mi 2.

If this is an official ROM (they might call it unofficial though) from Xiaomi, we can say they going in a different direction, more like what Sony is doing now, that is providing official AOSP ROMs for their devices. This makes sense as they can create a lot of developer interest in their devices on more developed nations like US, UK, etc.

Take a look at the screenshots :

mi 3 lollipop android 5.0mi 3 lollipop android 5.0 aosp

mi 3 lollipop android

Unfortunately, this is not a downloadable build and we have not yet got a download link for this. We’ll be updating when the download links are available. Keep in touch with Us!

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 Source : MIUI forums

AOSP Lollipop build for Xiaomi Mi 3 appears online!
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