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Xiaomi releasing 16000mAh powerbank costing 1300INR


Xiaomi enjoyed quite a grand success in it’s world expansion, especially in India, where it sold around a million of it’s smartphones. They also enjoyed it’s success in selling their other products – Mi earphones and Mi power banks. Mi power banks proved to be a note worthy product in the segment. It brought quality and quantity to the budget power bank market. Now, they are launching a new product in this category, the Mi 16000mAh powerbank!

The new one comes with more juice than you could ever imagine, it’s a 16000 mAh power house. It has 50% more capacity than the previous version (which was 10500 mAh), and  shares the same design formula followed by the others in the series, but it’s slightly taller. Considering the Xiaomi powerbanks really lasts very well, this one should also last very well, and would provide you amazing battery life. In case you don’t agree, just count the mAh rating.

xiaomi 16000 mah powerbank

The launch price of the Xiaomi 16000mAh powerbank is 99 yuan (about 1000 INR) and will be increased to a regular price of 129 yuan (about 1300 INR). The launch price is set for only the first sale on China, and is set to happen on November 11th. But, there is no words on when the next sale is going to happen, neither on the release dates for other countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. So, what’s your opinion on Xiaomi’s 16000 mAh power bank? Would you be buying it? Let us know!

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via MIUI forums
Xiaomi releasing 16000mAh powerbank costing 1300INR
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