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[GIVEAWAY] Google Inbox invite Giveaway!

google inbox invite

Google Inbox invite Giveaway

Google Inbox is very hot right now! Every geek is trying to get hands on an Invite for Google Inbox. Google Inbox is Google’s newest email client, which can be downloaded and used by an using an Invite to use Inbox. You can get Inbox invite by two ways:

  1. Directly asking Google for an invite. (
  2. Or you can ask your friends for an invite if they have Google Inbox.

We got our hands on the Google Inbox, and thought we would be giving our precious readers our invites which is available right now. We’ll be giving away 3 invites (or more, we’ll be definitely getting hands on more invites). To win an invite, just comment your email ID on the comment form below!

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Winners of the invite will be declared as soon as we get enough comments! And if you got your invite, please feel free to share the love with others who commented here who has yet to get Invite. Let this post be like a chain of happiness. Users who got the invites, send in the invites to others!

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Google Inbox Screenshots

Google inbox invite giveaway Google inbox invite giveaway 1

UPDATE: We’ll be trying a new trick for sending all of you guys an Invite! Comment below for a Google Inbox invite. Let’s try this trick and let us know if it worked!


  1. If you’re thinking why there is only 3 invites, Google Inbox has just 3 invites per user available. We’ll be adding more!
  2. When commenting, Fill in the Name, Email, and website if any. And use your real name and don’t use any other names/nick names, as spam filtering is enabled on our site and your comment might be deleted if you didn’t use.
[GIVEAWAY] Google Inbox invite Giveaway!
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