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Amazon giving away $80/Rs.5000 worth of paid apps for free!

amazon appstore giveaway copy

Amazon is now giving away a huge list of PAID apps for free for today and tomorrow. It is typical Amazon app promo, which makes paid apps free for a limited time. This time, they have come up with premium productivity apps and made them free for two days : Friday and Saturday. The promo name is App Toolbox, and productivity apps that are totally worth the price paid is made free for two days!

List of FREE apps on Amazon App Toolbox :

The list contains 17 apps, most of them are pretty useful! I have listed the apps in the most useful order with price in the brackets.

  • Fleksy Keyboard (Rs. 246.42/$3.99)
  • Shuttle+ Music Player (Rs. 61.42/$0.99)
  • Camera ZOOM FX (Rs. 184.87/$2.99)
  • Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Document Scanner (Rs. 246.42/$3.99)
  • XnRetro Pro (Rs. 73.46/$1.19)
  • EasyTether (Rs. 616.98/$9.99)
  • AndroZip Pro File Manager (Rs. 154.01/$2.49)
  • MobiMail for Outlook Web Email (Rs. 370.48/$5.99)
  • PrintHand Mobile Print Premium (Rs. 800.96/$12.95)
  • MathsApp Graphing Calculator (Rs. 308.18/$4.99)
  • Office Calculator Pro (Rs. 135.25/$2.19)
  • Servers Ultimate Pro (Rs. 555.85/$8.99)
  • Oxford Dictionary of English with Audio (Rs. 1545.13/$24.99)
  • HanDBase Database Manager (Rs. Rs. 616.98/$9.99)
  • Business Card Reader PRO (Rs. 308.18/$4.99)
  • OpenDocument Reader (Rs. 242.10/$3.92)
  • TextGrabber + Translator Lite (Rs. 61.42/$0.99)

Found anything interesting? I’ll suggest you some, Fleksy keyboard, Shuttle+ Music Player and Camera ZOOM FX are the ones you must download!

How to get these apps:

  1. Download the Amazon Appstore from this link.
  2. Sign in to Amazon Appstore using your usual Amazon ID (if you don’t have one, create one). If you have Amazon app installed already, the Appstore will detect that and shows a continue button with your account.
  3. Scroll through the top banners and find the
  4. Download the apps from the links.

You can also check out the promo page of Amazon Appstore in your browser, Click here.

Check out these screenshots:

amazon appstore give away

You can also check out the Free app of the day on the Appstore, Amazon gives away a paid app/game everyday. So, just don’t uninstall the Appstore after downloading the free apps, there are more paid apps for you to download for free!

Amazon giving away $80/Rs.5000 worth of paid apps for free!
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