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Is Xiaomi Windows Phone priced at 49$/INR 3000 incoming?

xiaomi windows phone

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had a meeting recently with the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about the meeting and the things that were discussed in the meeting. Among this, one is the possibility of a Xiaomi Windows Phone! Yup, that too costing only $49/INR 3000. That seems a widly out of the earth option isn’t it? (We’ll discuss that).

The leaked/speculated specifications of the phone include a dual core processor with 256MB RAM and comes with Windows phone 8.1. And the chinese price is 299 yuan, which translates to $49 or INR 3000. If the phone is released, it would be one of the cheapest smartphones and the cheapest Windows phone.

Is there a Xiaomi Windows phone coming? That’s still an unconfirmed story. We think it might not even happen as it goes opposite to the companies strategy and plans till now. It has its own complete ecosystem in China now. Even though they use Android on their phone, they use their own version, the MIUI which barely looks like Vannilla Android. So using a completely different operating system and ecosystem seems unlikely. But there is more to consider, which is what would be the role of Xiaomi in this phone. Is it just a production role? that is, Microsoft just want Xiaomi to make the phone for them. That seems unlikely though, as Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s production unit.

Some of you might ask what about a MIUI version of the windows phone OS? it would be also something that would never happen. Microsoft has been playing pretty hard on OEMS. It’s Windows phone OS cannot be skinned like Android. It is a closed source operating system and has its own limitations when it comes to customisability. That’s why we see the windows phones UI to be identical on all phones. So there will be no MIUI version for Windows phone.

But it is pretty known news that Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella had a sit down with the Xiaomi’s CEO. All the buzz surrounding this is still over the top. Some speculate that the meet up was just to discuss tech things and other things, no business involved. But, believing that is just not so right. Sure there is something cooking and let that be good for everyone, after all, what is the problem with a Xiaomi windows phone costing just 3k INR / 49$!

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Is Xiaomi Windows Phone priced at 49$/INR 3000 incoming?
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