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How to Root any Android Phone Without Computer or PC

Android is all about open source and freedom. To enjoy that, you must root your Android phone. In this guide, I’ll explain and guide you through the process of rooting your Android device the simple way. In this post, I’ll show you how to root any Android phone without a computer/pc!

Rooting an Android phone, with modifications to the Android OS, and among other things are considered a very high level hacking method by some people and some are also frightened by the word root (yeah, some people!). Well, Rooting is not that high level, it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

How to root any android phone without computer?

#1 Using TowelRoot

Step 1

Make sure your device is having battery remaining more than 50%. Yeah, just to make sure you don’t get stuck while doing the process.

Step 2

Go to and download the apk. To download it, just touch the ‘Lambda – λ’ on the website.

towelroot website screenshot

Step 3

After the download is finished, Open the apk file either by touching on the ‘Download Complete’ notification or by navigating to the download folder and opening the file. Install the apk.

If you’re side loading an apk for the first time, follow these instructions. Btw, side loading means installing an application in your Android device by installing apk of the application.

  1. Go to the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Select Security, and check the Unknown Sources. A pop up will be shown saying that “Your phone and personal data are…blah blah blah”, just click OK for that to install apk to root any android phone without pc
  3. Open the apk file, press Install when prompted.

Step 4

After installing, run the application. There is only one option available on this application. That is the ‘Make it Ra1n’. Click on the button. And you’re done. Now your phone will be rooted and will be provided with superuser access.

towelroot app screenshot

Step 5

Now, go to play store and download a root checker app, which basically checks if your device has proper root access. Use root checker basic, which gets the job done easily. Download Root Checker from here.

root checker basic

To verify the Root, Open the Root Checker Basic and press the “Verify Root” button on the app. It will return a message in green saying that “This device has Root Access” if it found proper root access. If no proper root access is found, the message will be in red stating otherwise.

Step 6

But wait. You are not done yet. There is some job remaining. You have to download a superuser management application from Play store. If you don’t know what is that, it is simply an application which manages which apps should be granted superuser permissions. After all, you Don’t want any malwares and adwares to have superuser access. I suggest you should go with SuperSU by chainfire. It is the best and most downloaded superuser management application.




If this did not work with your device, you can try Towelroot Modstrings, which is a small script which makes Towelroot default settings to work with any device. The procedure is given below :

  1. Tap on ‘Welcome to towelroot v3’ three times.
  2. You’ll see an input box now, here, type in the following:
    1337 method(0-3), align(0-1), limit_offset(0-8191), hit_iov(0-7), temp_root(0-1)

Here’s a video of Towelroot in action, take a look :

If this didn’t work, we have made this post even better with more methods to root android without computer/pc. Read on!

#2 Using FramaRoot

FramaRoot is an app that can root your Android phone with a single click and works mainly on MediaTek based devices. It works flawlessly for most of the devices, but you can also try it on other devices based on SoC other than MediaTek. Personally, I used this app to root phones such as Gionee Pioneer P2 and some Micromax devices. It worked perfectly and root was obtained in a click.

Steps to use Framaroot :

root android without computer framaroot

  1. Download and install the Framaroot APK from this link.
  2. In the app, there will be an drop down menu in which there are three different options, which are :
    • Install Superuser
    • Install SuperSU
    • Unroot
  3. Select Superuser or SuperSU as per your choice. If you don’t have any clue on that, Superuser and SuperSU are two both root management apps which manages which apps should be given root access. You can select any of them, although I prefer SuperSU.
  4. Next is to select the exploit which is to be used to root the phone. You can select and try with any of the option available, as it differs from phone to phone.

#3 Using KingRoot

KingRoot is another famous app that promises to root with a single click! KingRoot has two versions, both Android app and a PC version. The Kingroot Android app can root most of the Android phones, if supported by it. But in case if your phone isn’t supported by it, you can try to root with the Kingroot PC version.

Steps to root with Kingroot :

how to root android without pc

  1. Download and install Kingroot Android app in your phone/tablet. Open the KingRoot app.
  2. In the app, you’ll see that Kingroot is analyzing your device.
  3. After the analyzing, you’ll see a button saying “Start Root“, click on that.
  4. Kingroot will now try to root your device, wait a few minutes. If the process was successful, you’ll see a big green tick mark. If not, you might have to use Kingroot PC software to root your android.

Note : These One-click root apps might not work out of the box on Motorola phones such as Moto X, Moto G, Moto E, etc. Motorola phones should be bootloader unlocked first to be rooted.

So that’s it guys. That was the various methods by which you can root android phone or tablet without pc or computer. Please let us know if this worked for your device by commenting below. If it didn’t, we’ll try hard to find a way to root your device! We’re waiting for your replies!

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How to Root any Android Phone Without Computer or PC
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  1. nithin says

    my phone is samsung i able to root my phone?whether i can upgrade to latest version of android?my internal memory is just after rooting can i install and move apps to memory card?many websites saying d risk of bricking while rooting..what about dis method

    1. Abhijith says

      You can definitely root your Galaxy Y duos. And let me tell you, Rooting your phone has many advantages, and it can bring a new life to your old phone. Rooting doesn’t mean that you can get the newest version of Android. Rooting means getting root access on your phone, which helps you do many new things that you previously won’t be doing with your phone. You can have the luxury of running many powerful root apps, speed up your phone by using apps like Greenify, and much more. It’s like the Administrator rights on a windows computer.

      1. Nitish says

        hi …i tried to root my device by kingo root from pc bt its saying that the device is not supported….my device is colors x46

        1. stylock says

          bro use king root.
          confirmed to work without pc.
          otherwise use google and search how to root your mob name and in last write without pc.

      2. Nightmare says

        M7-I tablet multilaser android 4.4.4 kernel 3.10.20

        Can be rooted without pc?

      3. ijaz ali says

        Hey brother ….is there any way to root motorolla droid maxxx….if u know kindly help me

        1. Shawn says

          If you find out let me know

      4. md*Arshad says

        Hello boss i wanna root my moto g3 xt1550 without pc i triedon kingo root but it brick my phone so plzzzz can u help me

      5. natnoob18 says

        Can not root my sm j100
        Sg brand i tried kinho towelroot all cant and how to oneclick root of almost all dosent work

  2. nithin says

    thanks for the info.but i heard we can install custom rom like cygnomod after rooting.because mine is gingerbread,which is can i update it to android 4.0 ?plus i cannot install any new apps due to lack of internal memory and how i can overcome such a problem and what about ram speed tweaking such as overclocking the processor etc

    1. Abhijith says

      Yes, the first step in installing a cutom rom is definitely rooting the device. Custom ROMs are installed using Custom recoveries. Which are installed by using root access in most cases, but Samsung devices, we use a software tool called odin for installing custom recoveries.
      You can update your device to custom roms like cyanogenmod, or any other roms which are made for your phone.
      And you cannot overclock the phone to a higher speed clock just by installing a custom rom, it needs a custom kernel. kernel is a software layer in your phone which connects your OS to your phone’s hardware. A custom kernel might be hard to find for your device, but you can try googling for it.

      1. maikuumai says

        Hey! I rooted my huawei kitkat with kingroot but it still says on Vuze that its not allowed to save on SD card?

  3. nithin says

    Important facts on Towelroot*.Towelroot compatible Android versions – Android Kitkat (4.4)*.Supported devices – Any Android device running Kitkat
    but mine is only android gingerbread

    1. Abhijith says

      That is from, right? It is not an official one from the author of towelroot.
      Towelroot is not guaranteed to work on all devices, but you can try. Towelroot works on a exploit which has been found just recently, which has been on Android from the version 1, but has been discovered recently. Towelroot should work theoretically on all Android devices. You can try it on your device, if not worked, let us know. We’ll guide you on rooting your device.

      1. Brittney says

        Hey! Ive tried MANY roots,none of them will work.
        Towelroot-is not supported
        Poot-su not installed.

        I have a droid maxx ultra 4.4.4

      2. Elmer says

        Will you help cuz I got stuck on kingroot and reboot my device it’s blank when it’s reboot

        1. Abhijith says

          Please mention the manufacturer and model number.

      3. reymart says

        hey bro can you root my samsung galaxy grand neo plus i tried king root but it always said no strategy..please guide me to root

        1. Abhijith says

          Unfortunately your phone doesn’t support rooting without a computer as it seems. There is another guide can check out :
          PS : Many people are reporting some problems related to rooting with that guide though.

          1. abhay says

            Yu yureka plus is supported ??

          2. abhay says

            Yu yureka plus is supported ??

          3. Zawwar Ahmed says

            Sir, I have a Motorola droid Ultra maxx and when I installed towel root it said and opened that and pressed the button it said that my device is not supported.
            And when I tried kingroot it says strategy failed.
            Please help me in this regard!

      4. Chris says

        It says it’s a nmaleware ….

      5. Larry Blackwell says

        I downloaded the towelroot on my droid Maxx xt1080 and it states my phone is not supported
        ..please help

  4. nithin says

    i applied towelroot process and checked with root checker.but said no root access

    1. Abhijith says

      As I told, towelroot might not work for some phones. You could try the method we’ve mailed you.. Do check your mail.

      1. thaj says

        towel root not supported my MotoG first edition android lollipop
        plase help me … pls send an emai help…please…please

        1. Abhijith says

          You’ll have to unlock the bootloader first in your Moto.

          1. kuldeep says

            Bro, please tell me first how to unlock bootloader for moto g 5.1

          2. rapole says

            Hello bro
            Please tell me how to root moto g3 without PC?
            Try to solve my problem,I would be thankful to you.

          3. Umang bhomia says

            How do I unlock bootloader on moto g turbo edition without pc ?

  5. nithin jose pilip says

    sorry i didn’t receive any mail stating rooting method.only mail i got is the comment details mail from your website

  6. nithin jose pilip says

    i didn’t received any mail describing about alternate rooting process.the only mail i got is the one about the comments from your website

    1. Abhijith says

      Sorry about that, we got confused about your mail id. Look Gmail inbox now.

  7. Sagar says

    Will this work on Moto Gversion 2 Kitkar 4.4.4

    1. Abhijith says

      You can try this first! It is the easiest method for rooting an Android phone. Try it first, and if it did not work, we’ll guide you on the complete process using a method that is specific to Moto G2!

  8. Sagar says

    I followed the instructions, unfortuantely it says ” THIS PHONE ISN’T CURRENTLY SUPPORTED”

    Can you guide me to root MOTOG 2 XT1068 Android 4.4.4

    I have successfully unlocked the boot loader but Im unable to root.

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, did you follow the update I have posted to this method in the end if the post? Just take a look at it, and do like that. The error showing phone not supported is fixed by the update method. Or else, I’ll find a way to root your phone. Try it first and comment. 🙂

      1. Kenneth Glowner says

        How do I root galaxy j100vpp 5.1.1 without pc?

    2. Abhijith says

      Well rooting traditionally seems a little bit tricky. You have to first flash a custom recovery, and then only you’ll be able to root your phone. Proceed with the instructions given on this link.
      Try towel root, if it didn’t work, you should follow the instructions given on the link. If you find any difficulty on the process, feel free to comment here or contact us.

    3. Nandu says

      Can u pls tell me that how to had unlock the bootloader ?

      Hoping ur help

  9. shrey says

    I do tried to root my s4 gt i 9500 using philz but it is not booting in philz recovery mode and the status is also custom. I can’t update my phone also

    1. Abhijith says

      I think your installation of the Philz recovery is not correctly done. You installed it through Odin right?
      Let me ask you one thing, the device is not booting completely or the recovery is not booting? Please explain.

      1. shrey says

        Its booting but normally and knox is also not working. There is no philz recovery mode when i hold down the power volume up home keys

        1. Abhijith says

          Are you getting a blue color text/screen when pressing the recovery button combination? And does your phone reboot to Android after releasing the buttons?

        2. Brian J Gill says

          What root for the G4 play XT1609

      2. shrey says

        Yeah my phone reboot in normal mode. But its not rooted and when i tried using towelroot it said device is not supported and applied your script given above it shows that make sure device is connected to internet

        1. Abhijith says

          You need data connection.
          Btw, I was asking about the recovery. Read the previous comment from me.

      3. Narsireddy says

        How to install twrp in moto g3

  10. rahul says

    Doesn’t support moto g 2ndgen. Pls suggest other method.

  11. Seth says

    My device is a LG Volt model number LGLS740 please contact me with information @ my kik(Seth_Harrison619) or comment thank you

  12. Afshan khan says

    my phone samsung galaxy s duos GT-S7562 didnt get rooted by towelroot.plz suggest other method….

  13. Sean says

    Tried both ways, was still given the message that my phone isn’t supported.
    I’m on Moto G 1st Gen
    Pls help

    1. Abhijith says

      Hello Sean, Don’t worry, I’ll email you and guide you through the process. 🙂
      Actually, the method for your phone might be a little bit different. I’ll find it and mail you! Cheers.

      1. Houston says

        I have a Motorola Droid Maxx 4.4.4 kit Kat
        The towel root doesn’t work, it says
        “This phone isn’t currently supported”
        What do I do?

      2. Nikko Jei Davidson says

        Hello I have a Verizon Motorola Droid Maxx XT1080 running android 4.4.4. and I would like to see if you could also email me the instructions to root my phone please.

        1. Abhijith says

          Hello there, Well, for Moto phone’s you’ll have to unlock the bootloader first before rooting the phone. 🙁

          1. krishna says

            How root my mobile, moto e

  14. devin says

    I’m running moto g kKitKat 4.4.4, and I was wondering how to do it.

  15. devin says

    I’m running moto g kKitKat 4.4.4, and I was wondering how to do it. Thanks. 🙂

  16. Sharon says

    Both ways said that my device is not supported . . I have a ZTE Grand X Max 4.4.4 . Please help !

  17. elbert malonzo says

    Im using sony xperia m2 running on kitkat4.4.4

    No good on towelroot

  18. Prince says

    How to root my spice android kit kat… Whenever i start the towelroot it says” device can’t support”.
    Please help me sir.

  19. rahul says

    still not working with my Motorola moto g 16gb xt1033.plz give another method.

  20. johan says

    i use IROOT to root my android phones its work for all phones

    i downlode it from the official site The English version

    1. sthaman kamath says

      does it work for moto g 2 lollipop 2014

    2. Nick says

      Motorola droid maxx (xt1080) doesn’t work even with the script

      1. Abhijith says

        Hey Nick, unfortunately, this method won’t work with some Moto devices, as you have to unlock the bootloader on Motorola phones before you can root the phone.

        1. Jayesh says

          Hi abhijit plz guide me to exact root process for moto x play 6.0

  21. sthaman kamath says

    plz help!!
    towelroot doesnt support moto g2 [lollipop] 2014
    and i do not want to go through the long proccess and damage my phone
    plz suggest an alternate .

  22. nikki says

    Tried it on moto g 4.4.4. Device not supported. Taped 3 times no go. I have successfully used this app several times on older phones so I know I did it right. Ease help is there anything that will work without a computer?

    1. Abhijith says

      You can try King Root also, it is also a very similar app which can root in one click. 🙂 If that also doesn’t work, I’ll find a way and contact you. 🙂

    2. Parladh Kahlon says

      Hey try using king root app

  23. Kittie says

    I have the LG Volt through Boost and it didn’t work for me either. Neither did the second process you recommended:(

  24. hardesh says

    hello sir,

    i have spice buddy n 300.i tried lots of app to root my phone but nothing helps me.pls.tell me how i can root my phone.

  25. Demetris Mills says

    When u tap welcome to towelroot three times where to type the code at?

  26. vishal says

    i cant able to root my phone galaxy note gt n7000 from this process
    plz help me….

  27. fahmid says

    Will root remove my old apps or data ? Can u pls tell me 🙂

    1. Abhijith says

      Nope. Rooting your phone won’t remove the previous data and apps. Al though you can remove or uninstall the system apps that came installed with the phone that cannot be uninstalled.

    2. Abhijith says

      Nope. Rooting your phone won’t remove the previous data and apps. Al though you can remove or uninstall the system apps that came installed with the phone that cannot be uninstalled.

  28. Mattie says

    tried everyting also second option didn’t work on my cube t9

  29. Bala vignesh says

    Im using celkon q54 millennia…I have tried all the methods listed above but my phone just restarting not rooting…please help me.. My phone’s ram is only512mb I need to expand it..

  30. Tre Harris says

    Will This Damage Your Phone In Anyway ?

    1. Abhijith says

      Nops, it won’t damage your phone. Anyways, your warranty will be void on most manufacturers if you rooted your phone. 🙂

  31. Parladh Kahlon says

    Hey bro plz help me out. I want to root my Sony Xperia E3 D2212. Plz help me!

    1. Abhijith says

      If towelroot didn’t work for your device, drop a mail at , I’ll guide you on the process specifically for your device. 🙂

  32. Marlyn Hernandez says

    How can I root my galaxy note 4 ( 4.4.4)

  33. Rachelle says

    The towelroot did not work on my lg volt. I tried the other version and it still won’t work. Any suggestions?

  34. Sanidhya says

    My phne is lollipop, moto g. This app is not working. Plz give me a another method.

    1. Parladh Kahlon says

      Hey Sanidhya, this app is not working, try using Kingroot android app to root ur phn. If u still have some issues regarding rooting email me .

    2. Abhijith says

      You’ll have to unlock bootloader on your Moto first to root.

  35. ROHIT says

    It is showing this phone isn’t currently supported

  36. Raju kharbuja says

    excuse me sir,my phone is Micromax a27
    i tried to root kt using towelroot bt it shows”this phone isnt currently supported”

    1. Parladh Kahlon says

      Hey bro try using kingroot app. Plz download it frm their website . It is in chinese but u will easily recoganise it . If u still have some complications ask me or email me:

      1. Abhijith says

        Updated post with Kingroot 🙂

  37. shubham says

    hii sir it is showing deivce not supported even after i tried tht update thing and i tried almost each and every root apk’s but they all givinf me errors plz help me iam using samsung galaxy S duos

    1. Parladh Kahlon says

      Hey bro try using King root app it works

  38. Tulsi says

    In my micromax a94 both the steps r not working. what to do? please guide

  39. Shikhar Tyagi says

    When I install that application.. it says “this device is not supported”. I’m using Gionee Gpad G5. Please help me!

  40. Anukul says

    Will it work on Micromax Bolt A27 ???

  41. mahesh says

    Hey bro..i have moto g xt1033 running 5.0.2 version.I haven’t unlocked bootloader..pls give me easy process to root my moto g..

    1. Abhijith says

      You’ll have to unlock bootloader first.

  42. Sam says

    I have a Motorola Moto G and was unable to get any of the above to work.

  43. Antonio Johnson says

    Can you help me I have ZTE ZMAX 4.4.4 phone and it’s not supported

    1. Abhijith says

      Please try the other methods listed on the page, I’ve updated the post! 🙂

  44. mukesh says

    I m trying to root my sm g360h without a computer …..but my kernel version is after the date of june 2014 ….please suggest me any app to root my phone with this version….(my kernel version 3.10.17-667438 of june 21 2015)

  45. vinay says

    how to root motoE 1st generation .please send me the procedure to my mail …phone is 1mnth old…is it brick the phone and is it void there possibility to unroot

  46. Sandesh Thokal says

    I want to root my Galaxy core2 for i want to install xmod game app for my games so i should use the towel root would be safe

  47. Manu says

    All data will be deleted if I Root my phone with the app?

    1. Abhijith says

      Nope, rooting will not delete the data.

  48. Rebekah says

    It says not supported. How do I root a moto g 4.4.4 kitkat without a computer?

    1. Abhijith says

      You’ll have to unlock bootloader first as it’s Motorola. And also try other methods I’ve listed now. 🙂

  49. Sarah says

    Can you suggest a rooting app that has worked for an HTC M7 with Android 4.4? Thanks.

  50. Francisco says

    not function in galaxy young 2 pro android kitkat 4.4.4 !

  51. Arnev says

    Mine didnt rooted moto g3 pls help

    1. Abhijith says

      You’ll have to unlock bootloader first on your Moto.

  52. Aditya says

    After successful rooting, it is compulsory to have these apps like rootchecker and SuperSU on the device. Or can i uninstall them?

    1. Abhijith says

      No, you can uninstall them as it serves the purpose of checking if the phone is rooted only. 🙂

  53. GoBandz says

    Hey i have a Moto G, i install TowerRoot but when a hit the buttom ’Make it Ra1n’ it said that my phone isn’t currently supported

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, if you’re on Moto G, first make sure that your phone is bootloader unlocked.

  54. ASHISH says

    I want to know how to root my Moto G2 XT1068 without PC. I have not unlocked bootloader or any such stuff.

  55. Tarani says

    Hi Abhijit,

    I need help in recovering few pics and videos which were deleted accidentally from my moto g 3 phone.
    I tried to find few apps, diskdigger is one of them. It needs the phone to be rooted to work properly and find my lost files. This is the reason I wanted to root my new moto device. I checked your towelroot process, but I am worried that will I be able to un-root it once my work is done ?

    Also note that I use CleanMaster which used to clean the jusk files regularly, not sure if that would have already deleted the junks which might be used by the recovery apps to get the files back.
    Can you please help if there is any way to get my pics and videos back ?

  56. deep says

    I hve tried many BT no one wht can I do..I hve intex cloud power+ which app is suitable for it ??

  57. Dayanandjbongale says

    I have unlocked my moto g 1st gen boot strap loader and tried all the methods mentioned in the post. But, none of them woked. I have installed cyanogenmod 12.1 on my phone. Pls help

    1. Abhijith says

      Well, didn’t CM12.1 come with native root? o.O Or did installing CM 12.1 broke the root access in the phone?

  58. Adam says

    Kingroot not work on bootloader unlocked moto g 2nd gen

  59. TY says

    hi i have android :Droid maxx 4.4.4 su6-7.3 which one will work?

  60. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says

    Hello. I own a Motorola Droid Maxx Verizon version running on SU6-7.3. I have tried all apps on PC as well as mobile but all in vain. Do you know a method to root this guy?

  61. suraj sharama says

    how can I root my redmi note 4g without PC or laptop any help and also I can not send any file or apk anything through share apk r xender apk ,what can be the reason for it

  62. Rahul says

    Not working any root app on my samsung galaxy s4. …..

  63. theo says

    perfect you guys rock, I was battling with towelroot on my device until I tried KINGROOT, real king indeed, name well deserved

  64. andy berty says

    J have a TABLET E ,Samsung
    Kit kat 4.4
    J tried, framaroot and many other app
    But j couldn’t root the tablet
    Can you please suggest me something?
    Thanks for any help

  65. Shubham Goyal says

    Hey frnds i rooted my phn with kingroot but no difference i seemed on my phn so plz hlp me

    1. Abhijith says

      Did you check with Root checker if your phone was rooted?

  66. Evan says

    need info on how to Root DROID MAXX (4.4.4) SU6-7.3

    any help?


  67. sathish kumar says

    How to unlock bootloader in moto g? Pls help me.

  68. Harshwardhan says

    My phone model no. Is sm-g360h so how can i root this phone without pc ??plzzz tell me

  69. gagan says

    tried all the apps but still unable to root my Samsung galaxy core prime.please help

  70. Shailesh says

    My mobile is asus zenfone 5 T00j i want to root my mobile but no app is working can u help plz…i want to root without pc plz help

  71. Jordan says

    It says that my phone isn’t currently supported and it’s a moto e second generation model XT1526 Is there another way you know how to root without a computer

  72. che says

    this will wok for Motorola Xt1080?

  73. RL Chua says

    Does these apps work without internet?

    1. Abhijith says

      Yes they will. But not all.

  74. Paresh says

    my phone is Micromax a27 how can i root without pc

  75. ankit says

    can u plz help mi tto root my moto g2 6.0 marshmallo

    1. jaspreet says

      have yu found anything???

  76. jaspreet says

    how to root moto g2 with marshmallow android 6.0

  77. Jeremy hayes says

    Will this hurt my device if done incorrectly

    1. Abhijith says

      Depends on the method that you’re using to root your phone.

  78. Cool kid says

    Why does it keep saying this device currently isnt supported. But I have straight talk

  79. ram says

    i have moto e ..lollipop can i root my phone …suggest me a best rooting app

  80. Brant says

    I have yet to find an answer to how to root a ZTE N817 Android 4.4.4. Please help.

  81. Marie says

    If anyone can find a root for the ZTE 817 4.4.4 it would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything suggested on every forum/website, with and without a computer, and NOTHING WORKS!!!! Someone please have an epiphany and help!!! Thanks.

  82. Arjun says

    Iam using moto e2 3g model but i can’t root it with kingroot,farmaroot,towel root.

  83. Zawwar Ahmed says

    Sir, I have Motorola droid ultra max xt1080 Android v4.4.4 I installed towelroot but it said, “The phone isn’t currently supported. ”
    I tried king root also but after 70% it said strategy failed.
    Please help me in this regard!

  84. Preiz says

    bro. need to contact u privately (either by email or whatsapp

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