First things first! Who we are What we stand for?

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Yes! First things first. This is the first post of the Gadget RAID. We’ll be discussing who we are and what this blog stands for on this post.

First, Who we are?

We are the gadget RAID. The name seems interesting, and it is for a reason. As the Dictionary.com suggests,



  • A sudden assault or attack, as upon something to be seized or suppressed:

That’s what we stand for. We want to attack the gadgets the best way around to find out all their details so that you can sit back and enjoy. We want to be your companion on your RAID of your favorite gadget!

Why are we doing this?

We want to be a one-stop enthusiastic destination for all your Tech needs, be it Mobiles, Laptops, Gaming or Android. We want to be the number one in providing you with everything on what you are looking for.

We will be bringing you the best and latest news on tech, gadgets, mobiles, gizmos, android, and everything else you can find electronic.

Join Us!

You are always welcome with your feedback and comments. This means a lot to us, you can always keep in touch with us by commenting or mailing us! Also don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow our Google+ page! Bless us!


First things first! Who we are What we stand for?
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