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Top 6 Apps to Save Snapchat Videos, Images & Stories

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Snapchat is one application which has become so popular over the last few months that everyone is completely into it. It is fascinating for many the way snaps disappear once you view the snaps and, of course, all those stories you upload which are visible for 24 hours since the time of upload. Everything seems to be all good until the one sad part comes into existence. It can be a complicated procedure for many to download all the pictures or videos by the methods stated by so many. So, for all the people who are looking for the easy way out, here is a list of 5 applications which will let you save snapchat photos, videos and stories on iOS as well as Android platforms using these SnapSave apps.

Best Apps to Save Snapchat Photos & Videos On iOS/Android

1. SnapSave

SnapSave is more of a replacement for your Snapchat rather than just saving pictures and videos. The application, however, has been removed from the play store on Android for some reason, but it continues to exist on Apple App Store on iOS.

Download for iOS

Download APK for Android (App is reportedly down for Android users now, check the link once to confirm if you’re able to download SnapSave for Android)

(The link is not to Play Store, but from a different source/the app’s official website from which you can download APK and install Snapchat Saver. The app is not currently available in Play Store. Most of the other apps in this list would also be like this, as most of the Snapchat save apps have been removed from Play Store now).

2. Snapchat Saver

Well, Snapchat seems to be more in use in Android applications than on iOS. Hence, saving pictures for the Snapchat users with Android is equally important. Snapchat Saver is an application which allows you to save both pictures and video snaps. Not only snaps, but you can also save stories having photos and videos as well.

Download APK for Android 

3. SnapBox:

There has to be a reason the application is there on the top of our list, isn’t it? SnapBox is meant for iOS and comes super handy to let you download videos and photos for forever on your phones. Once you have logged into the application with your Snapchat ID and password, every snap you receive and all those you share are saved automatically on your phones.

Download for iOS

4. SaveMySnaps

SaveMySnaps is an Android app which allows you to view snaps and also download them. However, downloading comes as an option and is not an automated feature on the app. One thing you need to remember always is before viewing the snaps you need to download them to make sure you don’t lose them.

Download APK for Android

5. Casper

The application comes from the makers of SaveMySnaps app. Casper is an alternative to SaveMySnaps, it has all the features of that and lets you do much more than what is there on the list of all the apps stated above. The app is available on Android for now!

Download APK for Android

6. SnapCrack

Until now all the apps we were talking about revolved around saving the snaps having videos and stories. This one app, SnapCrack allows you to share pictures from your album as well a paid version is as well available at $4.99 to help you access some premium features! The application, however, is available only for the iOS users!

Download for iOS

Other Methods to Save Snapchat photos & videos on Android/iOS

You can also use these methods to cleverly save Snapchat videos & photos permanently without the sender’s knowledge (even without any apps) :

  1. The first one would be taking the photo of the Snap you received from a different phone/camera.
  2. Using any file manager like ES file explorer/Astro file manager to browse through the temporary files in your Android phone. The received snap will be saved in your phone as temporary storage before you open it and getting deleted.
  3. You can also use a data recovery software to recover the Snapchat photos & videos from your phone. You know the images gets deleted after you saw it. So you can use a software like Recuva (for PC) or Disk Digger Pro (for Android) to recover the deleted images & videos from your Android phone storage.

So this was all on the apps & some hacks to save videos & pictures on Snapchat. Many of you might have now become quite happy after finally having an easy way out to save those snaps which are of course memorable! You can thank us later. Happy saving!

Top 6 Apps to Save Snapchat Videos, Images & Stories
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