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mPhone (or Mango Phone) is the first mobile company that is out from Kerala. mPhone is a small company hoping to catch the Indian smartphone market with their indigenous brand name, considering the brand will be having a touch of “Desi” with it, here in India (especially Kerala).

They have put up a full page ad on the newspapers of Kerala, you can find them below :

mphone ad

mPhone have listed out some of their models in their website. Which are :

  • mPhone 5s
  • mPhone 6
  • mPhone 7 Plus
  • mPhone 8
  • mPhone 9 Plus 3D
  • mPhone 11 Plus

The mPhone 5s is the cheapest one of the lot, which is priced at INR 11,999, and the mPhone 11 Plus is the priciest which comes at INR 39,9999. I would say the mPhone have miscalculated the market and pricing, because right now, with the current smartphone market competition, you can get a phone with MediaTek Helio X10 in it at 12K INR (which mPhone 11 Plus at 40K INR). Also, most of the phones are just re-branded Elephone smartphones (Elephone Vowne is re-branded as mPhone 11 Plus, Elephone P9000 as mPhone 8, Elephone M2 as mPhone 9 Plus 3D).

Also they’re having a smartwatch named M2 (which is in fact a re-branded Elephone W2)and have a host of smartphone accessories listed in their website, including power bank (ranging from 3200 mAh to 10000 mAh), Headphones, Bluetooth headphones and even wireless chargers.

Also check out : 

Seems like they’re also going to go with the online route that Xiaomi, Moto, and recently LeEco choose to. The phones will be available in, whether they’ll be available in other online shopping sites is not clear right now.

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  • No idea about mphone market.. bcz its big price.. lenovo, asus, moto like smart phones giving good phones with decent price.. i think no matter there is company indian or europian…

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