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The List of Best Power Banks in India for Smartphones 2016

One of the main thing that bothers all of us about our smartphones is it’s battery life. Power banks are now a great option to make your smartphone battery to last a little longer. There are hundreds of different models you can buy from the market, but choosing the best among those can be a head ache. Here, I’ll be sharing you the best power banks in India for smartphones, tablets and other devices. So here the list starts :

Best Power Banks in India 2016

Xiaomi Mi Power bank

mi power bank review Xiaomi has been a company that has been doing very well in the smartphones, they also have some other exceptional products such as Mi piston 2 earphones and their power banks. They manage to make these products as good as their smartphones, top notch quality at dead cheap prices. That is why Mi power banks are on the top of our list. Mi power bank comes with a nine layer circuit chip protection, which will protect your device when charging. And the best thing about this device is that it looks so classy and is built very well. Mi Power banks come in 2 version based on the battery capacity :

  1. 10400 mAh
  2. 5200 mAh

The 10400 mAh can full-charge your smartphone on an average of 3-5 times based on the battery capacity of your smartphone. They boast 2.5 full charge for Xiaomi Mi 3 (3050 mAh), 4.5 full charge for iPhone 5s (1590 mAh) and 1.5 full charge for iPad mini (4490 mAh). There you have it, you now have a clear idea of the capacity and power that the 10400 mAh Xiaomi power bank have. Coming to 5200 mAh power bank, you can expect almost half of the charging efficiency as that of it’s elder brother. Get it from Flipkart for Rs.999 (only the 10400 mAh version is available now).

Huawei Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh

huawei honor power bank review Recently Huawei also chose to spice up the blooming Indian power bank market with their own Honor Power Bank, which is priced at Rs.1,399 on Flipkart. The power bank is rated at 13,000 mAh beating Xiaomi power banks. Huawei boasts the following features of it’s power bank:

  • Over-discharge and Overcharge Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • High-Temperature Protection

However the Honor power bank does resemble the Xiaomi power banks as it is following almost similar design template. Also, there is a high chance of it being mistaken for a Xiaomi power bank. Overall, it’s a good choice for a powerbank, and you can trust it more than some other unbranded power banks available in the market.

ADATA PT100 10000 mAH Power Bank

adata pt100 power bank This one competes directly with Mi 10400 mAh power bank. It promise 5 full charge for an iPhone 5 and 1.5 charge for an iPad Mini, which is pretty similar to what Mi power bank offers and looks promising too. It also got an LED torch which you can use in case you want to use this one in dark. It is one of the best power bank in India having 10000 mAh capacity. ADATA  PT100 power bank has a special feature that turns off the power bank if it is staying idle, which is great because people like me tend to forget about these little things. It comes with many security features such as Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection and Overcharge Protection.This protects the device when you’re charging. It has two USB ports, both powering up 1A devices. Both can be used simultaneously. It is available exclusively through Amazon, and it is selling for Rs. 999.

Asus Zen Power bank 10050 mAh

asus zen power bank review I don’t understand why companies keep copying designs of other successful products, I’m talking about Asus Power bank Zen, which like the previously mentioned Honor Power bank is also a copy cat of Xiaomi Mi power bank. Just that it comes in different shiny colors, which also makes it look like a cheap fake Mi power banks that are available in market now. Keeping these things aside, Asus powerbank is a really good option if you’re searching for a better branded power bank. It comes in 10,050 mAh lithium ion battery, over charge protection and over discharge protection. You can buy it from Flipkart for Rs. 1,599.

Lenovo PA10400 10400 mAh Power Bank

lenovo 10400 mah power bank india Lenovo has finally come up with their power bank in the 10400 mAh Lenovo PA10400 Power bank. It looks quite good and it is also unique with it’s looks. The Lenovo 10400 mAh power bank has 2 USB power ports for charging two different devices simultaneously. Only drawback that can be said about this power bank is that it comes with a short USB cable.

Ambrane P-1310 13000 mAh

ambrane 13000 mah best power bank india Ambrane P-1310 power bank is one of the best selling power banks in Flipkart, and it sells well for a reason. It looks unique and not like any other power bank (asus & huawei **cough**). It comes with a capacity of 13000 mAh and it is one of the cheapest 13000 mAh power bank available in India. It comes with two USB ports for charging your devices and you can charge two device simultaneously in this power bank. Ambrane P 1310 power bank also comes with the LED torch feature, which can be useful in many situations.

Intex Pb 11 Power Bank K 11000 mAh

intex 11000 mah power bank Intex is a well known electronics company in India, they’re well known for their electronics and accessories, even more than their smartphones. Intex has launched this 11000 mAh power bank, Intex Pb11 recently, which offers great value for money and it is currently priced at 999 INR on Flipkart. It is currently available only on white color, and it comes with the capability of charging 3 devices at a time with the included 3 USB ports. It also has a very useful (and thoughtful) torch function.

Ambrane P-1000 Star Power Bank 10400 mAh

ambrane 10000 mah power bank Here comes one more value for money power bank from Ambrane. This is for you if you don’t want to buy the 13000 mAh version of Ambrane power bank we talked about earlier. Only thing that can be taken as a drawback is that it is not that much sophisticated in looks department that the other power banks listed above. It comes with overcharge protection & also over discharge protection. Similar to above mentioned power banks, Ambrane P-1000 power bank also comes with LED torch & dual USB ports for charging 2 devices simultaneously.

Lappymaster Standard Designed

standard-designed-9000mah This one is a product that is complete made in India, and they boast it on their flipkart product page. It is having two output ports, both of which having different current ratings – 1A & 2A. Both must be used appropriately according to your smartphone charger specification. It is one of the best power bank for mobile in India. Lappymaster power bank has an LCD display which displays the remaining charge available in the power bank. It is rather a basic power bank, with basic looks too. It comes with different colors though. It is available on Flipkart from Rs.790.

Samsung PB574SAW

pb574saw-samsung Go for this one if you want a high branded power bank. Samsung PB574SAW is a 9000 mAh power bank that comes at a generous price. While it won’t give you the value for money the others offer, it does give some good looks and brand value. It has a single output micro-USB port for charging a single device at a time. It is available from Flipkart for Rs.1025.

MiPow Power Tube 8000mAH Power Bank

mipow power bank Okay, all the power banks look too nerdy, how about a cute power bank? MiPow Power Tube is a cylinder shaped cute looking power bank (it does resemble the classic battery cell) which has got some nifty extra features. It has two output USB ports which can be simultaneously used for charging phones. It is available from Amazon for Rs.1025.

Best Cheap Power Banks

Okay, we have covered the best power banks in India that come with great capacity, so what about the small and cheap power banks that come at affordable rates? I’ll be showing you the best cheap & affordable power banks in India, read on.

Lenovo MP3006s Mobile Power

power-bank-mp3006s-lenovo Lenovo MP3006s Mobile Power is a 2950 mAh power bank which has power output rated at 5V/1.5A. It can power up all the phones that come with a micro-USB (standard Android) charger, and they also claims to support Sony cybershot camera. It comes with a single USB out pin, you can only charge a single device at a time. It is one of the cutest among the list, and it is definitely a looker! It even comes with different colors. It is available from Flipkart from Rs.449.

Ambrane P-201 2200mAh Power Bank

ambrane 2200 mah power bank india Here’s one small wonder from Ambrane, the Ambrane P-201 2200 mAh powerbank, which is quite cheap for the price and also one of the best sellers in Snapdeal. It won’t offer much in charging capacity, but it comes with a small boost for your phone charge just when needed.

Hyundai HY63

Hyundai HY63 Hyundai has electronics department too, in case you didn’t know that. This is a 6300 mAh power bank, which is listed as ‘designed for Samsung and Nokia smartphones’. But it will work with other because most Android phones and Samsung phones follow same charging specifications. One great thing about this is that, it offers manufacturer warranty of 2 years. It is available from Flipkart for Rs.664.

MAXXLITE 3000mAh Credit Card Power Bank

maxxlife credit card power bank This is a unique styled power bank that feels so small that they call this one a credit card power bank, I have to agree that this one is almost similar in size to a credit card, but not in it’s thickness. It is rated at 3000 mAh, good enough to power up your phone in emergency situations. It has a direct micro-USB connector that you can connect your phone with, so you don’t need your phone’s data cable to connect with. You can get it from Amazon for Rs.489   That is the end of the list of cheap & best power banks in India, that you can buy right now. I hope you guys liked this post, if you did share your love by hitting the Share buttons! Did I miss any power bank, do let me know by commenting below. Share your opinion and ask me any doubts if you have with this post!

The List of Best Power Banks in India for Smartphones 2016
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      • How I cn gt mi power bank for 10400 mah….I tried all the sites even offline as well but not getting….could u help me ….m from delhi

        • Hello there! I checked the official websites, but on all of them it is unfortunately not in stock.
          I would recommend you to try other power banks listed in this article. Don’t buy from unofficial sources, as they might be fake.

          • hi bro… I’m using Ambrane P-1000 Star Power Bank 10400 mAh which charge my micromax gold A300 4 times its cool power bank and also Mi power bank over heat my mob when i charge my mob with it…so when u select power bank kindly check it also…if it over heating to your mob kindly avoid it….

  • Hi..I got my lappymaster ordered from flipkart in 899 the best part first is I charged my moto e from it now it took just 14% to charge my moto e completely that’s cool that means 7 to 8 full charges..amazing. Now the worst part the screen is not too good as the visibility when lights are on is too blur…also we need to keep it in a perfect eye sight to view the no.s too blur.. Rest every things fine…love the product..

    • Great! I’m glad you liked the product. One thing I have to say, the screen doesn’t really matter. Most of the other power banks doesn’t even have one. So be happy! 😉

  • Samurai Power Bank is a great product. Holds 3-4 full charges of my phone (HTC Desire) when it’s fully charged.

  • Hey Dude,

    what about PNY? Is it good?

    P.S. I used the Samsung, You listed here. Guess what within a week It got some short circuit issue. I was using it for my Xperia Z.

    Please suggest. Thanks

  • Does PNY 10000 mah power bank supports micromax A 190 and on what parameters do we see the compatibility..

  • Hi Abhi

    Would like to go for a high end high power bank for my samsung note 3 (power guzzler) aND also which can charge my tab also. I want multiple USB ports so as to charge two devices at a time.

    Please suggest one

    • I don’t know if your second requirement will be met, but the best choice would be Mi Power bank. I guess it is available on flipkart now (5200 mAh version). Or you can go with the ADATA one mentioned in the post. 🙂

  • Can I use ADATA PT100 10000 MAH to charge my Panasonic digital camera with the following specs: 3.6V, 895mAh, 3.3Wh Li-ion.. my charger specs: 5V, 800mA. will it cause any issue?

  • Hello admin can you tell me which power bank is most suitable for my device . i want atleat 10000 mah power bank. My device is Motorola moto g 2nd gen. Please reply…

    • As the Xiaomi Power Banks are now out of stock, the next best ones I would suggest is the ADATA power banks, which are featured second in this page. It is a decent power bank for the price, and one of the good and cheap power banks in the 10,000 mAh department. 🙂

  • i have read many articles and tried many of the power banks inclusing mi, adata etc but none of the above provide the actual mah value, not even close to the said 85% loss they were more like 50-60% of their mah value…at first i thought i got degraded products so i changed multiple times therefore my conclusion is if you really want a good one look for cheero or motorola powerbanks. please let me know if you have used anything that is compact, better conversion ratio than the ones metioned above and with a high density mah value above 10000mah

  • Hi admin.I have 2 questioms:-
    1.Iwant 2 buy a power bank of at least 10000mAh.But I dont want 2 buy one frm any of d companies mentioned in d article other than sony nd samsung.S can u plz tell me which power bank would be best for me?
    2.I hav seen a lenovo power bank of 13000mAh listed on is available at a price of Rs.1699.But I don’t know whether it is real or fake.So can u plz check it out for me and tell me if its a real or fake one.
    Thanks for reading.If u can,plz help me by answering my questions

  • I have a ADATA PT100 10000mAh power bank. It is not more than 6 months old but the charging micro port has been giving troubles and currently it is impossible to charge it anymore. It was a great power bank when it was working. Used to take a long time to get fully charged but once charged it used to charge my Blackberry Q5 very fast. The LED light with it was quite handy too.

  • Hey can u pls suggest me the best power bank for my device having 1800 mAh battery .. Am confused. Pls suggest ASAP.

    • You have to choose powerbanks according to your needs, not based on the battery of your phone. If you’re someone that has many devices and travel a lot, you can choose a higher capacity powerbank. If you don’t have that much devices and traveling is less, you can be satisfied with a lower capacity one.

  • How come there is no mention of TP link and Anker ? TP link and Anker are definitely better than Adata and Lappymaster … etc

  • Hey Abhijit, plz help me to choose a power bank between10000 – 14000mah for my Micromax canvas 2plus.
    Which one should I prefer mi or adata or ambrane.
    I tried charging with mi and ambrane power bank my mobile was not charging but when i used my mobile’s charger cable it got charged. So what would be the reason for this…

  • Hey.I have ordered ambrane 13000 mAh powerbank for my iphone 6.Is it worth buying?will there be any problem in charging phones like iphone?

    • Yeah! It will do good. 🙂
      It is actually acting as a USB port/normal AC adapter providing power to the phone. It will work smoothly with your iPhone 6. 🙂

  • Congrats for completing one yr successfully…
    Want ur help for buying reasonable and best power bank for my huwai honor holly mobile..

    • Hello Dipti, You can opt for Honor Powerbank itself. 🙂
      Or you can go for Mi Powerbank as it’s a smaller capacity one and of smaller size.

  • Hello,
    I would like to know that how are Vas -108 make power banks, providing 6 months warranty. Actually I ordered Adata PT100 Power bank from flipkart but I received VASmake power bank from flipkart. Anyways I have placed a request for the replacement but woukd like to know some reviews about VAS make powe banks

  • I want by a power bank.10000mah to 150000 mah
    under 1.5k.please tell 5 best power bank name.with model number.and buying address

  • Hi,
    I have a coolpad note3. I wanted to know what is the best compatible powerbank with the below mentioned features. Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Voltage Protection and Overcharge Protection

  • Sir.i want a powerbank between 6000-10000 mah.and i m confused that which powerbank is best for me.and when i buy this product. which is or online.

    • Buy the Honor power bank or Intex power bank. And also buy from online sites (flipkart/amazon/snapdeal), because there are a lot of counterfeit items on sale on retail shops (mainly fake xiaomi power bank).

  • i want power bank with minimum capacity of 10000 mah for my panasonic p55 mobile and i am getting confuse with one is best for me

    • Go for the Honor power bank, it’s sleek (like Mi Power bank, as it’s not currently available now, I’m suggesting this). But it’s a bit bulky though.
      You can also opt for the Intex power bank listed here on this post.

  • I am looking for a power bank for my samsung note5 phone. I am not sure which one is better ambrane 13000 or maxxlite 24000? Which one would be better for my phone.
    Price is not an issue!

  • please let me know how much it can cost me if am placing order for 100copy of Any brand of your power bank brand. I will love to research them better on market…. thanks.

  • Hloo i want to purchase powerbank…for samsung mobile phone…….pl suggst sm bttr powerbanks………..shud i go for xiaomi or ambrane??????which 1 z bttr…..plz rply as soon as pssble

    • Go for the Ambrane 13000 mAh power bank. It is quite good I’m using it currently. A review of that will be up in some days. 🙂
      PS : Xiaomi power bank is not available right now.

  • I want to buy higher capacity mah power bank for my apple 5 phone. Will anybody suggest the original good one to avoid fake one.

    • Go with Xiaomi’s new 16000 mAh powerbank or Ambrane 13000 mAh powerbank. I’m personally using the Ambrane one, it’s pretty good for the price.

    • Check the power rating of your charger and check the power bank’s power rating. Most of the powerbanks has 2 USB ports, 1A & 2.1A. Check your charger and confirm. 🙂

  • I’m going to buy a power bank for my lenovo mobile which should I choose for that please reply me

    • Lappymaster is a good brand, and the power bank also seems pretty good. But I would suggest you to go with Mi or Ambrane powerbanks.

  • Hi Abhijith,

    What is your opinion about higher capacity Power Banks? Like 20,000+? I am thinking of buying one for iPhone 6S Plus. Currently using Ambrane 13000 but it charges only 2-3 times (its one year old now)

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